AMD Radeon Instinct Accelerators Introduced

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅12.12.2016 19:26:29

AMD introduces the Radeon Instinct Accelerators to aide machine intelligence in server computing through a new suite of hardware and open-source offerings. Radeon Instinct Accelerators are designed to increase efficiency, performance and ease of implementation of deep learning workloads. It offers organizations powerful GPU-based solutions for deep leaning training and interference. Along with MIOpen, a free and open-source library for GPU accelerators created to boost performance on machine intelligence implementations, AMD aims to bring the next evolution of machine intelligence workloads.

The AMD Radeon Instinct Accelerators uses passive cooling, AMD MultiGPU (MxGPU) hardware virtualization technology conforming to the SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) industry standard, and 64-bit PCIe addressing with Large Base Address Register (BAR) support for multi-GPU peer-to-peer support. Radeon Instinct accelerators are designed to address a wide-range of machine intelligence applications:

A variety of open source solutions are fueling Radeon Instinct hardware:

MIOpen GPU-accelerated library: To help solve high-performance machine intelligence implementations, the free, open-source MIOpen GPU-accelerated library is planned to be available in Q1 2017 to provide GPU-tuned implementations for standard routines such as convolution, pooling, activation functions, normalization and tensor format

ROCm deep learning frameworks: The ROCm platform is also now optimized for acceleration of popular deep learning frameworks, including Caffe, Torch 7, and Tensorflow, allowing programmers to focus on training neural networks rather than low-level performance tuning through ROCm’s rich integrations. ROCm is intended to serve as the foundation of the next evolution of machine intelligence problem sets, with domain-specific compilers for linear algebra and tensors and an open compiler and language runtime.

AMD also invests in developing interconnect technologies that would exceeds PCIe Gen3 standards to further boost machine intelligence applications. AMD is a founding member of CCIX, Gen-Z and OpenCAPI working towards a future 25 Gbit/s phi-enabled accelerator and rack-level interconnects for Radeon Instinct. The AMD Radeon Instinct Accelerators are expected to be available this first half of 2017. For more information, visit the Radeon Instinct page.

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