AMD Release Catalyst 13.8 Beta Drivers

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AMD promised a driver-level fix to the Crossfire Frame Latency issues plaguing their graphics card range last month and the new 13.8 Catalyst Beta drivers aim to do just that. This new suite for Windows 7 and 8 should address the micro-stuttering issue that has been the bugbear of multi-GPU configurations based around the AMD cards including the 7000-series, although it does come a great while after the problems originally surfaced.

The fix regulates frame timings, smoothing out the rate at which frames are drawn on screen to prevent perceptible delays that can be observed as micro-stutter. It's implemented as a default setting via an optional switch within the Catalyst Control Panel, and can be enabled on a per user, profile or game-specific basis. You're limited thus far to a 2560*1600 (single monitor) resolution however, so 4K monitor ambitions will have to wait.

Also worthy of note is that it's only applicable in DirectX 10 and 11 games; DX9 fixes may be rolled out at a later date, but they're not included in this Beta.

Additionally, the new drivers provide full support for OpenGL 4.3, up to 7% performance improvements for Metro: Last Light across a range of cards, and stability fixes. The feature highlights can be seen below.

Obviously Beta drivers are just that and may go through a couple of iterations before the final version is release. Hopefully it will provide the much sought-after fix Crossfire users have been seeking for so long, and will be something AMD can build on and learn from in their next generation of cards.

Last Updated: 8/1/2013
Article Number: RN-WIN-B13.8

Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta Driver for Windows:

* Support for AMD CrossFire™ Frame Pacing
- Frame Pacing ensures that frames rendered across multiple GPUs in a CrossFire configuration will be displayed at an even and regular pace.
- Enabled through the AMD Catalyst Control Center; Globally or on a per application basis.
- Frame Pacing is enabled by default.
- Supported for DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 applications, and resolutions up to and including 2560x1600 (single display).

* OpenGL 4.3 support – full support for the OpenGL 4.3 feature set

* Performance improvements found in AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta for Windows:
- Metro: Last Light – improves performance up to 7% on the AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series

* OpenGL support for User Profiles and Catalyst Application Profiles:
- Users can now create per application 3D setting profiles for OpenGL applications.
- OpenGL applications are now supported through Catalyst Application Profile updates (for single GPU and AMD CrossFire configurations).

* AMD Enduro Technology enhancement - Catalyst Control Center will now show which applications are active on the Performance GPU, and the Power-Saving GPU

* Resolved issues:
- Resolved crash when enabling AMD CrossFireX™ on some AMD 970 platforms
- Improved stability for AMD Radeon HD 7790
- Resolved intermittent mouse cursor corruption when rapidly moving the cursor across window borders

System Requirements:

Windows® 8 (32 & 64-bit versions)
Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit versions with SP1 or higher)

AMD Product Compatibility:

AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 Series
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series
AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series
AMD Mobility Radeon HD 8000M Series
AMD Mobility Radeon HD 7000M Series
AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6000M Series
AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000M Series

Source: AMD

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