AMD Release Radeon Branded DDR3?

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08.08.2011 16:16:55


AMD RADEON DDR3 branded chip.

With 2GB capacity and speeds of 1333MHz @ 9-9-9 for the entertainment and 1600MHz @ 11-11-11 for the ULTRA PRO Gaming with the Enterprise series speed and latencies TBD. all modules run at 1.5v and would be safe to assume that they will be 'Value' modules.

AnandTech note that in 2010 they had a MSI GT210 with ATI DDR2.

These modules appear to have already been released for sale in Japan and the 2GB Entertainment series has been seen at NCIX for 19.99 Canadian dollars with 10CAD rebate.

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