AMD Releases GPUOpen For Game Developers and Designers

👤by Noah Cunning Comments 📅28.01.2016 02:57:48

AMD launches their new program named GPUOpen, as Nicolas Thibieroz stated “GPUOpen marks the beginning of a new philosophy at AMD.” As a continuation of the Mantle API, GPUOpen focuses on 2 areas Games/CGI for content creation along with Professional Compute to utilize GPU computing in professional applications.

GPUOpen gives developers open source code and documentation they will need to make games look better and run faster. And they plan to do this with 3 basic principles:

1) Providing code and documentation to PC developers so they can make the best out of the hardware. Current gen (CGN) and upcoming gen architectures (Polaris) have features not exposed to developers. GPUOpen aims to provide developers with ways to utilize these features, to generate quality and performance advantages. Such as enabling easier porting from current consoles (XBox One and PlayStation 4) to PC.

2)The second is a commitment to open source software. The game and graphics development community is vast, with thousands of people willing to share knowledge. GPUOpen wants to provide ways for people to share open source access that developers are able to modify, optimize, fix, and port. But what's the goal? To encourage development and innovation of improved graphics and graphics performance.

3)And lastly the third is close collaboration with the developer community. GPUOpen is hosted on open source sites like GitHub etc. Engineers and Game Developers alike will regularly write blogs about GPU technologies and industry news.

With AMD being squeezed by NVIDIA and INTEL, It's logical to open the front to developers looking for closer access to lower level APIs with AMD and RADEON hardware. And with GPUOpen this will allow developers and game designers alike access to each other's knowledge.

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