AMD Reshapes Future Roadmap While More Delays Expected

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Yet another delay is expected for AMD's FX CPUs. While the range of CPUs has expanded from an original line up of 4 SKUs to 7, it could be till mid-October before they see the light of day. With nearly a year of hot air from AMD and near on 5 months since the launch of the AM3+ 900 series motherboards, the entire industry is on the verge of falling off their seats. The reason for any delay is unknown, but that said the real reason behind de;ays to start with are on a level of bewilderment that simply thinking about it could turn you into a starfish.

A table compiled by Xbit labs showing details of projected release dates.

What's more there are unofficial rumours that AMD have now cancelled the 'Komodo' CPU expected in 2012 with 8-10 'Piledriver' cores on the 32nm fabrication as well as the 'Corona' platform. This is apparently in favour of 'Vishera' microprocessors on the 'Volan' platform which seems to be considered as a 'Scorpius' refresh. There is little information on AMD's Vishera CPUs however it appears they have upto 8 'Piledriver' x86 cores and is compatible with AM3+, though having it's own platform name and being considered a 'Scorpius refresh' are we looking at AM4 socket?

AMD's Komodo CPUs were expected to have 10 'piledriver' cores and be similar in design to the server part 'Sepang' which features triple channel memory and integrated PCI-E 3.0 utilising a Fusion Controller Hub 'FCH' and a new platform (FM2). The future of the expected 'Trinity' APU is, at this point, uncertain.

It is very difficult to understand what is true and what is going on or even if this shake up (or shake down?) has anything to do with new directives from the new CEO? IF this is true, AMD will not have PCI-E 3.0 controllers in the desktop parts till past 2012 (which makes no sense considering the PCI-E 3.0 expected in AMD Radeon HD 7000 series) and will not be off of the 32nm fabrication for their major desktop parts till 2013, which again seems like a rather long time.

AMD's Vishera is projected to be released in Q3 2012 but being all unofficial, nothing is set in stone.

This is all news set against several 'Historic Announcements' set to come from AMD in the next week.
The transition to Bulldozer microarchitecture is undoubtedly the longest running and roughest transition of any technology in recent years. So far, those anticipating and waiting are bogged down with underwhelming 'unofficial benchmarks' and further delays. Maybe AMD do have an ace in the hole or is that just wishful thinking? Regardless These are confusing developments.

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