AMD Rumoured to Launch Radeon RX 6x50XT-series GPUs In June/July

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.02.2022 17:28:48

The freshest rumour coming out of AMD's GPU division this month isn't the status of RDNA 3 (that's still scheduled for Q3/4 2022) nor any revisions to the RX 6500 XT (that card remains disappointingly equipped for a GPU released in 2022). No, the latest mutterings are in regards to an anticipated refresh of the RX 6000-series in the form of RX 6X50XT variants in the not too distant future.

Veteran leaker @greymon55 has returned with a new titbit of info stating that the RX 6X50 XT refresh, i.e. a refresh of the RX 6700 XT / 6800 XT etc into -50 forms, is scheduled for June and July 2022. These models will probably be equipped with 18Gbps rather than 16Gbps memory and potentially a few tweaks under the hood to squeeze a little more performance from TSMC's mature 7nm process (rather than the newer 6nm process). While not explicitly stated, an MSRP bump that more realistically reflects the market price is also not off the cards.

Preceding that however is the expected release of the Radeon RX 6500 non-XT. This discrete card should be pitched at around $130 with specs believed to be similar to the OEM-only RX 6400 (which features only 12 Compute Units compared to 16 on the 6500XT). Operating frequencies and memory bandwidth may be increased to compensate.

The timing of an RX 6000-series refresh is odd considering the expected launch of the RX 7000-series would be 3-6 months after that. The mid-stream launch may be timed to coincide with other major product or platform launches, but a hungry market is likely to gobble up the new silicon either-way.

SOURCE: Greymon55.

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