AMD Unlocks Llano, Enter The A8-3870

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19.07.2011 18:28:19

A few weeks ago it was reported that there was a bug that allowed users to change the Bclk multiplier that provided no performance gains, TPU called this 'Empty Overclocking' and I used the term 'Phantom overclock' in a discussion about Llano (or Llama if you prefer), well regardless of what you like to call it, it led to some disappointment in some. Now it would appear that AMD are readying the A8-3870 APU which comes with an unlocked Bclk multiplier and will allow real overclocking, performance gains and all!

Shipping with a base clock of 3.1GHz the A8-3870 is likely to be very much similar to the A8-3850, four x86-64 cores, 1MB L2 cache per core, dual channel 1866MHz DDR3 IMC, 6550D GPU @ 600MHz with 400 stream processors.

A slide showing life expectancy of Llano products show that the A8-3870 is expected Q4 2011.