AMD's APU 'Llano' to Include Radeon HD 6550

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03.05.2011 16:51:51

The A8-3550 and A8-3550p will have 400sp at 594MHz and claims to be the most advanced integrated graphics solution to date making up what is now known to be the DX11 capable Radeon HD6550. What's more it seems that there may be a possibility to use Hybrid CrossfireX with 6570-6670 discrete cards to deliver '6690' performance. This roughly means performance upto the same levels of a NVIDIA GTS 450 or even an AMD 5770.

A diagram displaying the allocation of die resources

The IGP on Llano is said to be a more intrinsic feature of the APU rather than an IGP stuck on the side ala Intel solution which will mean that it will be able to assist the x86 cores in serial processing loads as well gpu compute. The information also states that, while the GPU uses the main system memory, AMD may be considering dedicated sideport memory options too.
AMD have displayed the multitasking prowess of Llano vs Sandy Bridge previously to highlight how a balanced system may be better for the end user.

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