AMD's First FM2 Chipset Revealed

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17.10.2011 14:41:32

Trinity, AMDs next generation Fusion APU set to replace Llano, is expected to have four 'Piledriver' cores with a 7xxx series based Radeon GPU offering upto 50% performance increase over the A8-3850. There has been indication that Trinity may be released earlier than expected in 2012 and now, VR Zone stumble across a future chipset certified by the USB-IF. While there are no real revelations, other than the fact it will support USB 3.0, it has revealeed the names of the coming chipsets. The A70M (Hudson M3) and the A85X, which is likely to be a mid/high end.

There is however no mention of a FX chipset for those concerned about having to deal with a certain JCB.


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