AMD's Trinity APU Compatible with A75 Chipset

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25.10.2011 17:29:03

However it would still appear that there will be a new socket, FM2. Whether or not FM2 and FM1 are cross compatible or not is yet to be seen. As Trinity is using 'Piledriver' cores, a revision of the highly inefficient and power hungry Bulldozer architecture, it could be that existing FM1 socket A75 motherboards are too lightweight and need a much more robust design.

In the slide released by DonanimHaber, AMD expects 20% performance increase over Llano as well as using 3rd generation Turbo Core. This of course will mean that Trinity is likely to have speeds upto 4.2GHz and consume more than twice the power of Llano to achieve this. Support for DDR3-2133MHz as well a low voltage RAM of 1.5V, 1.35V and 1.25V, this isn't surprising as many have commented about how robust Llano's IMC is, as well as having a more powerful graphics core, it will need as much bandwidth as it can get.

Is that -30% or + 30%?

The enhanced graphics of Trinity is now touted to give 30% performance over current Llano offerings and will support multiple graphics configurations ith discrete cards. Trinity will sport AMD's UVD3 for HD video acceleration along with the new SAMU and VCE dedicated components. The next generation APU will also sport eyefinity without the need for a discrete card.


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