Anonymous Launch Largest Ever Attack

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅20.01.2012 00:26:52

Megaupload was recently shut down by the FBI with the site owners being charged with piracy. In retaliation against the FBI and SOPA, Anonymous have become active in which has been described as their largest co-ordinated attack ever.

Targeting US Government and Music industry websites such as Universal Music and, one would question whether or not these attacks could accelerate a heavy handed law like SOPA. Could this be the beginning of a true Cyber War? Over 5600 members are claimed to be involved which is likely set to grow very fast. As SOPA becomes a tug of war between the People and Corporations over the control of the internet, the list of websites affected by a DDOS attack could continue to rise. While we can not be sure how long these attacks will last, I am sure that some companies are glad to have removed their support for SOPA about now.

In a Tweet Anonymous stated
You cannot censor the internet. You cannot subpoena a hashtag. You cannot arrest an idea. You CAN expect us

For more information on upto date developments!/search?q=%23MEGAUPLOAD!/search?q=%23Anonymous

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