Antec Mobile Products Present A Pair Of Versatile Bluetooth Speakers: WAV and WEDGE

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Rotterdam (The Netherlands), April 16, 2015 – Antec, the California-based producer of computer enclosures, power supplies and mobile lifestyle products, is expanding its Antec Mobile Products (AMP) portfolio with two new Bluetooth devices: WAV and WEDGE portable speakers, both designed to provide excellent music reproduction at home/work, or on the move. Besides easy Bluetooth music streaming and a solid, wide sound range, each offers a series of additional functions, such as easily switching between phone calls and listening to music. WAV and WEDGE from Antec Mobile Products (AMP) range are available in stores now.

Today, thanks to laptops, mobile phones and tablets, we are far more mobile in our everyday lives than only a few years ago. Portable Bluetooth speakers now enable us to enjoy our favourite music in high quality even while on the move. That is why Antec is now expanding its successful Antec Mobile Products (AMP) collection by adding two new models for mobile music enjoyment.

WAV: versatile Bluetooth speaker with elegant design

WAV can be used for a range of applications, whether for personal or business use. The WAV packs two 52 mm drivers (5 Watt pulse power, each), with a frequency range of 100 Hz – 20 kHz, producing an impressive and wide sound field for its compact size. Thanks to features like Bluetooth 4.0 including aptX, Near-Field Communication (NFC) capability, and integrated microphone, pairing with a mobile device is simple and user-friendly all the time: once connected, the WAV becomes part of your digital wireless world, with a range of up to ten meters.

The integrated lithium-ion battery lasts up to six hours at medium volume, making the WAV the ideal audio companion for the balcony or terrace, a helpful tool for conference calls, or an easy way to listen to music at home. Compact in size (80 mm diameter / 165 mm high) and lightweight (only 450 grams), the WAV is a true traveller, not to mention stylish. The WAV’s sleek design, in matt and glossy black, make it a complement to any room, both visually and acoustically.

WAV Specifications

Speaker : 2CH x 2Ω5W
NFC Support : Yes
Bluetooth Range : 10M (30ft)
RMS : 6 Watts
Battery : 1000mAH
Charging time : 3-4 hours
Playback time : About 6 hours
Unit Dimensions : 80 mm x W77.5 mm x H165 mm / 3.15 in x 3.05 in x 6.50 in
Sensitivity : 78 db

WEDGE: compact Bluetooth speaker with mobile phone holder

Anyone looking for an even more compact speaker than the WAV should take a look at the WEDGE. It measures only 74 mm x 63 mm x 54 mm, and with a weight of no more than 130 grams, this ultra-compact speaker is lighter than most smartphones. The WEDGE is small enough to go anywhere with its owner. For smartphones and tablets it has been equipped with a most practical trait: four suction cups on the slanted top side of the unit can be used to firmly hold and position mobile devices at an ideal viewing angle. Like the WAV, it features Bluetooth connection, an integrated microphone and a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, providing up to four hours of music at average volume through two 3 Watt, 40 mm drivers.

WEDGE Specifications

Bluetooth version : Bluetooth 3.0
Bluetooth Profiles : HFPV, A2DP, AVRCP
Connection : Bluetooth or 3.5mm Stereo Cable
Wireless Range : Approx. 10m (30 ft)
Battery : 400 m Ah Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Playback Time : Up to 4 hrs*
Speaker : Φ 40mm
Power : 4Ω 3W
Frequency Response : 100Hz-18kHz
Microphone : Built-in microphone

Availability and pricing

The WAV is available in black and can be found in stores now with an MSRP of £59.99 (including VAT). The WEDGE is available in all black, all white or white/gold and can be found in stores now as well with an MSRP of £24.99 (including VAT).

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