AOC Augment The AGON Range With Two Premium Gaming Monitors

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Amsterdam, 30 July 2020 – Display specialist AOC upgrades its popular AGON series for competitive gamers with two new premium and high refresh rate monitors. The 24.5” (62.2 cm) AG251FZ2E is a revised and enhanced version of the award-winning AG251FZ, with the same FHD resolution (1920x1080), 240 Hz refresh rate but now boasting 0.5 ms MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time) over its 1 ms GtG response time for extra snappy visuals. The 27” AG273QXP (68.6 cm) is another beast, combining QHD resolution (2560x1440) with a 165 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms GtG response time and incredibly vivid and colour-accurate visuals thanks to its Nano-IPS panel.

A tournament-grade monitor that calls a stage its home

Simply put, AOC’s AG251FZ2E is a workhorse for competitive gamers. The 24.5” TN panel, similar to the build of its predecessor AG251FZ, proved itself worthy in various tournaments and as a key gear for esports teams (including G2 Esports). The Full HD panel ensures high refresh rates and the fastest possible response time without causing visual artefacts such as ghosting or overshoot (inverse ghosting).

The AG251FZ2E’s TN panel has a refresh rate of 240 Hz, and to match this incredible refresh rate, the pixel response time is 1 ms GtG. It can be further reduced to an impressive 0.5 ms MPRT - with a strobing backlight in sync with the refresh rate - using the MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) option. With such a short pixel persistence time of just 0.5 ms, the individual frames won’t blend into each other, for example when moving the game character from left to right, as such delivering sharp and accurate visuals that esports gamers aim for.

The AG251FZ2E also comes with an improved, more robust and compact foot which perfectly fits in with esports players’ angled positioning of their keyboard. Additionally, the frame is equipped with a headset holder, and a fully adjustable, ergonomic stand (incl. height, swivel, tilt and pivot options). The labelled scales make it easy for multiple users to mark their optimum ergonomic position, which comes in handy during tournaments where a single monitor is used by multiple players.

Of course, the monitor is also capable of VRR (variable refresh rate) and is equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium support, eliminating tear and stuttering with low latency while supporting low framerate compensation (LFC).

AG273QXP - an ambitious all-rounder

AOC’s next new gaming monitor is the AG273QXP, an addition to the AGON series’ third generation. For the first time ever in AOC’s portfolio, this monitor is equipped with a 27” Nano-IPS panel, delivering incredible colours and a wider gamut than ever before. This technology uses nanoparticles embedded in the backlight, which absorb excessive light at certain wavelengths, so each subpixel (red, green, and blue) is more accurate and can produce a wider scale of colours. Doing so, the AG273QXP achieves a gamut coverage that rivals pro-grade monitors designed for visual editors and photographers: 133% sRGB, 98.6% AdobeRGB and 98.1% DCI-P3.

This incredible flat 27” Nano-IPS panel has a high QHD resolution (2560x1440 pixels) for extra sharp visuals and a high pixel density, while also boasting a 165 Hz refresh rate and just 1 ms GtG pixel response time – an incredible speed that can’t be ignored by any competitive gamer. AOC doesn’t stop there: the monitor is also HDR Ready, capable of decoding and displaying HDR content.

Thanks to its AMD FreeSync Premium support, the visuals are also free of stuttering and tearing, have very low input lag and are also capable of low framerate compensation (LFC), enabling smooth gaming even with low frames per second (FPS).

Following the design language of the third generation AGON monitors, the AG273QXP is equipped with an ergonomic, height adjustable stand with a carrying handle as well as headset holder on both sides. AOC’s Light FX, the RGB LED lights on the back side, is highly customizable to match any other RGB peripherals.

The new and updated on-screen display (OSD) allows options to place a crosshair (DialPoint), and a frame counter showing frames per second. The OSD settings can be navigated in three ways: with the joystick at the middle bottom of the panel, the included wired remote (AOC Game Pad) or the software menu (AOC G-Menu).

Both AG273QXP and AG251FZ2E are also equipped with AOC’s gaming-optimised features: Shadow Control creates a nuanced contrast and lets you perfectly finetune brightness and darkness levels, while Game Color adjusts colour saturation for better picture detail. Six gaming presets (three of which are customisable), as well as FlickerFree technology and Low Blue Light mode, which protects the users’ eye health for longer gaming sessions, complete the whole package.

AOC's AG251FZ2E will be available in August 2020 with a MSRP of €409 and the AG273QXP will be available in August 2020 at a MSRP of €489.

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