AOC Launches 75-Series Professional Monitors

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The new 75 Series: all-round monitors for everyone

Amsterdam, 8 March 2015 – With their new 75 Series, AOC presents a new selection of energy-efficient 16:9 widescreen monitors for its professional customers. The stylish, comprehensively certified displays will be available in various sizes ranging from 18.5″ to 27″ (47 cm to 69 cm) at its largest, making the monitors suitable for different working environments. Users can select between a variety of high quality panels (IPS, TN) and will also benefit from the integrated Flicker-Free technology, ensuring comfortable viewing even during long periods of working. The 75 Series thus caters to various needs, making it an ideal addition to workplaces of all kinds.

Functional and sleek design

All monitors in the 75 Series come in an elegant, clean design in matte black and, with VESA wall mount compatibility that makes it possible to easily attach the displays to a wall, thus allowing for a versatile usage across different office settings. The monitors can consequently be utilised for public presentations, but also cut a fine figure at the workplace. Furthermore, each display comprises integrated stereo loudspeakers, meaning that users do not need to add extra clutter to their workstation.

High quality panels and enhanced connectivity

All monitors boast high quality panels (IPS, TN) and, excluding the E975SWDA and the Q2775PQU, also come with Full HD resolution. Particularly the I and Q models of the series impress with their IPS-panels, enabling colour uniform images and wide viewing angles. A highlight of the series is the Q2775PQU, which offers QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) and thus enables users to enjoy particularly crisp, detailed images as well as a more spacious desktop. It also allows for superior multitasking, being able to display four application windows with 720p resolution each at the same time. All models – with the exception of the 18.5″ model E975SWDA, which does not have HDMI – comprise VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs for connecting a variety of either digital or analogue sources. The higher models further encompass DisplayPort and USB 3.0, with the latter allowing users to easily connect USB peripherals. A fast charge USB port also empowers them to charge their mobile devices’ internal batteries extra-fast using the monitor. The main digital connection cables (DVI and DisplayPort) are included, so that users can get right to work.

Energy-efficient and ergonomically friendly

In a modern working environment, energy-efficient technology is of utmost importance to businesses who are interested in operating in a sustainable and cost-saving way. AOC’s new monitors of the 75 Series shine with their low energy consumption levels and are fully certified with a variety of ecolabels (e.g. EPA 6.0, TCO 6.0, EPEAT Gold). A hard power switch helps save even more energy when the displays are not in use. Another important aspect next to energy-efficiency is user health. An ergonomically friendly workplace is important to keep employees healthy and comfortable. All displays within the 75 Series are thus equipped with an array of ergonomic options that allow users to adjust the monitors to their individual needs. All 75P models are hereby fitted with height-adjustment, pivot, swivel and tilt functions. Each monitor’s usability is further increased by the integrated Flicker-Free technology that reduces flickering effects, which can frequently lead to the occurrence of eyestrain after long usage periods, particularly during office work.

The following models of the new AOC 75 Series will be available in March 2016:

With IPS panel:

- I2475PXQU
- I2775PQU
- Q2775PQU

With TN panel:
- E975SWDA
- E2275SWJ
- E2275PWJ
- E2275PWQU
- E2475SWJ
- E2475PWJ
- E2775SJ

These three IPS models will be available in June 2016:

- I2275PWQU
- I2375PQU
- I2475PQU

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