AOC Launches I1601P Portable Monitor with Hybrid USB-C and USB-A Connection

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Press Release

AOC expands its portfolio of portable monitors with the new I1601P with hybrid USB-C and USB-A connection. Portable screens are an easy solution for extending a single monitor set-up to a multi-monitor solution, whether on the go, at work, or in the small home office. The 15.6 (39.5 cm) AOC I1601P is compact and similar in size to laptop displays. The AOC I1601P portable monitor features Full HD resolution and IPS panel technology to produce rich colours and sharpness and wide viewing angles (170/170). It can be connected via both USB-A and USB-C input, all thanks to the included single-cable solution.

The AOC I1601P portable monitor is an ideal secondary monitor for professionals working at home or in an office, effectively adding workable screen real estate for improved productivity. It can be easily be stored to declutter working space when needed. It is also the perfect solution for professionals on the go - allows users to add screen space on demand. AOCs portable displays are a great lifesaver in these cases. Its portable display portfolio has many options; the I1601FWUX, for example offers a portable 15.6 display with USB-C connectivity, while the I1659FWUX offers a similar panel with USB DisplayLink technology using the USB-A port.

The brand new AOC I1601P combines the best of both worlds, thanks to the hybrid one-cable solution. For USB-C equipped laptops and devices, the 1601P can be easily connected via a single USB-C cable. The connection will power the display and transfer the video signal via the USB DisplayPort Alternate Mode.

Beyond flexibility
While the USB-C technology is becoming more common, older laptops and devices might not have this port. In this case, the DisplayLink technology transfers video signal via the regular USB-A port, offering this development in instant productivity to a whole new range of older and newer devices. DisplayLink drivers can be downloaded for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, ChromeOS and Ubuntu.

The flexible usage for both legacy and modern computers enables several scenarios in which the I1601P can be used. At businesses and homes where some devices might have USB-C and some only USB-A, the I1601P makes sure that the display can be extended. The additional benefit of a secondary screen is enormous; one display can show an email or an IM client while the other shows a Word document or a spreadsheet. Or you can watch a video on one display and take notes on the other. Its up to your imagination!

Carry It Anywhere Safely
The design of the AOC I1601P is minimalistic, with a grey aluminium back and thin black bezels on the front. The included SmartCase can protect the display from scratches when carried around, and also doubles as a foldable stand. Weighing only 800 g, it is light enough to be carried along in a bag or backpack on airplanes and trains or on the daily commute.

AOCs I1601P employs a 15.6 IPS panel with 1920 x 1080 resolution and features a 60 Hz refresh rate and 5 ms GtG response time. With its 220 nits brightness level and an anti-glare coating, it is usable in most common lighting situations. The LowBlue technology can be activated to reduce potentially harmful blue wavelength. The I1601P can be used in landscape and portrait modes. The OSD can be accessed via the physical buttons, and also via the i-Menu software, where the Auto-Pivot function can be enabled.

Pricing and Availability
The AOC I1601P Portable Monitor will be available this August 2021 with a suggested retail price of 199. To learn more, please visit AOC.

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