AOC Presents the 16T2 Portable USB Type-C Touch-Screen Monitor

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AOC 16T2: sleek, talented, flexible – the best mobile companion for all

Amsterdam, 6 October 2020 – Display specialist AOC announces a new portable touchscreen monitor with USB-C connectivity. The 39.6 cm (15.6”) IPS display 16T2 comes with Full HD resolution and can be connected to a laptop, desktop/server or a smartphone through its two USB-C ports (utilising DisplayPort alternate mode) or its Micro HDMI port. Thanks to the built-in 8000 mAh battery, the 16T2 can be used on-the-go without requiring a power outlet and can even act as a power bank and charge a smartphone1. Less than a centimetre in thickness, a featured smart, foldable cover for portrait and landscape orientations and VESA wall mount option make this monitor a great tool for mobile business users as well as mobile gamers, students, IT administrators, small businesses, DIYers, tinkerers, and more. The 16T2 will be available as of October 2020 at an RRP of £279.

Take your multi-monitor with you

Users appreciate how a multi-monitor setup increases productivity and comfort on their desktop, and now with the 16T2 this is also possible in a mobile environment, with the addition of 10-point touch input (Windows 10 certified). With its sleek aluminium-finish, AOC’s 16T2 looks just like a tablet. But unlike a tablet, which will become obsolete and a piece of electronic waste once its processor and operating system become old, slow and incompatible, the 16T2 is simply a mobile display, unrestricted by fast-aging technology. This makes the 16T2 a future-proof investment for years to come.

"Portable monitors are one of the fastest-growing technology markets in Europe, and we at AOC understand the need for such convenient products for home, office but most importantly mobile work. The 16T2 is a perfect, flexible solution for anyone who appreciates more screen space for their work or entertainment – wherever they are." says Cesar Acosta, Product Manager Touch Screens and Accessories at AOC International Europe.

Equipped for more

Due to its two USB-C ports and a Micro-HDMI input, this portable monitor connects to a variety of computers, both legacy as well as modern ones. When the monitor is connected to a PC via Micro-HDMI for the display signal, the additional connection between them through the USB-C to USB-A/C cable ensures the touch function works. This cable is included in the box. The 16T2 also comes with built-in stereo speakers (2x 1W).

The 16T2 also acts as a power bank both when switched on and off. When connected to the mains with the USB-C adapter, the 16T2 can charge itself and a connected smartphone. One USB-C port on each side make it possible to charge on the left port and transfer the display signal from the right, or vice versa. This makes for a flexible set-up that is easily assembled in no time.

Endless possibilities

The ease of use, flexibility and portability of the AOC 16T2 allow a wide range of use cases:

• Extending a laptop display for more screen space while working on-the-go
• As a note-taking tool for students
• As a productivity booster while working from home (especially in smaller spaces)
• As a server display
• As a self-service kiosk display in public spaces
• As a display for tinkerers, or engineers
• As a display for mobile gaming or entertainment
• As a main entertainment display by connecting to a smartphone

AOC’s 16T2 is available from October 2020 at an RRP of £279.

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