AOC Release A Trio Of Eye-Catching Display Solutions

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07.04.2015 23:05:46

The AOC I2473PWY with Miracast

Amsterdam, 7 April 2015 – The abundance of available streaming services has transformed many users’ viewing habits: Non-Linear consumption of TV programs, the rapidly growing availability of YouTube channels and an ever increasing use of mobile devices – all this dramatically changes the face of home entertainment. Along with these changes, display manufacturers such as AOC have made great efforts to meet the new entertainment needs. While monitors in the past were mostly designed to exclusively display basic PC content, they have now become a multimedia hub for many users. For that reason, display specialist AOC has developed a diverse monitor portfolio aimed at the individual interests of their users. Thanks to its ambitious approach the research and development professionals at AOC have created a monitor line-up which offers a world of multimedia opportunities.

These are some highlights of the AOC monitor portfolio, which are designed to create that uniquely modern multimedia experience:

U3477PQU: This spacious 34” (86 cm) 21:9 WQHD monitor is great for watching your favourite movies. With an UltraWide resolution of 3440 x 1440, the U3477PQU is also a multi-tasking champion.

I2473PWY: Stylish 24” (61 cm) Full HD monitor with integrated ONKYO speakers for a unique cinematic experience. The I2473PWY supports MHL and Miracast, which allow easy connection with mobile devices to mirror videos, photos games and more on the full-sized screen.

E1759FWU: This portable 17” (43 cm) display expands your viewing area with a second screen. A real productivity booster which only requires a single cable for both data transfer and power supply.

Home theatre

86 cm of screen real estate for a true cinematic experience: the U3477PQU

When thinking of a true cinematic experience, it is not often that a computer monitor comes to mind. However, the increasing significance of streaming and video-on-demand services has transformed the computer into a home media centre. The online availability of video content as well as the rapid development of computer display technology have made computer monitors an indispensable addition to the TV. To match the often exceptional image quality with the respective sound experience, many monitors are also equipped with a set of loudspeakers. The result: An external audio set-up is no longer needed, which further minimises the costs as well as the required space for a sophisticated home entertainment setup. Cinema enthusiasts also enjoy the recent influx of spacious 21:9 displays. These monitors with their 21:9 cinemascope format, various connectors and integrated speakers are not only versatile but deliver movies with good image quality and sound.

Mobile content in high resolution

Coming back from that beach holiday wanting to show your best snapshots to friends and family? Mobile content drawn from smartphones or tablets has become a primary source of entertainment. A problem: The limited screen size of mobile devices often limits the viewing experience. However, technologies such as MHL have transformed computer monitors into perfect companions when it comes to bringing this mobile content onto a larger, high-resolution screen. MHL or Mobile High-Definition Link allows to directly connect compatible Android mobile devices to the monitor, mirroring the content on a larger screen. Also a great way to enjoy ever-improving smartphone games. Once connected, you can charge the mobile device at the same time. Many monitors even allow mirroring content from mobile devices wirelessly, owing to the Miracast technology. Sharing photos, videos or music has never been easier.

Portable performance for on-the-go viewing

A modern work environment requires a flexible monitor setup which is suitable for manifold activities such as desk presentations, document viewing, texting, mail clients and much more. This often requires additional display space, which is particularly hard to realise when on the road. The solution: USB monitors that allow business users to set up a comprehensive work environment when working outside the office. Furthermore, these monitors simplify many business situations as users can conveniently share information with customers on the additional screen.

For an unprecedented level of multitasking: the myConnect E1759FWU