Aorus To Demo The X7 Laptop With Updated Specs

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COMPUTEX 2014, Taipei, TAIWAN – AORUS, an emerging force of gaming products is poised to launch the greatest gaming laptop, the X7 with dual GTX860M graphics at Computex 2014. Reaching more than P9000 in 3D Mark 11, the X7 delivers more power than a single GTX880M graphics chip. At less than an inch thick and weighing just 3 kilograms (6.6 lbs), the X7 features a whole package of advanced elements under its astonishing yet understated minimalist outlook. Capable of phenomenal performance and unparalleled portability for a 17” machine, seamless integration of Macro Engine distinguishes the X7 from other self-proclaimed gaming laptops.

Performance Icon in Lean Body: Dual Graphics GTX860M in less than an inch, only 3kg

Dual GTX 860M SLI GDDR5 8GB graphics delivers P9087 in 3DMark 11, a pure phenomenal score exceeding even the performance of a single GTX 880M. Experience even more extremely fast and fluid gameplay at the highest settings and resolution in a lightweight and portable design. Insanely thin and light for its form factor, the X7 is less than an inch (22.9mm) thick and weighs only 3kg (6.6 lbs). This is one-third the height and two-thirds the weight of any available top-tier gaming laptop with a single GTX 880M.

AORUS Exclusive: Raid Xpress + Massive Storage, Customizable Macro Engine

Introducing ‘RAID Xpress’, a unique feature with three mSATA SSDs in ‘RAID 0’ configuration delivering 1500MB/s speed that drastically minimizes loading time for games and programs while 2 TB hard drive houses your massive collection of important data. AORUS exclusive programmable Macro Engine automates and simplifies routine operations. Record your macros and share your killer moves with other AORUS owners. Macro keys rarely available on gaming laptops are now an X7 standard. AORUS exclusive ‘G’ macro keys simplify your killer combos into one-click-execution keys. Now you can run your favorite programs too. Choose up to 8 different software and start up in one-click. The scissor-switch key structure guarantees lightning response ensuring pure dominance during gameplay. Make life much more convenient doing the things you want to do.

Streamline Design, AORUS Thermal + Technology, and Ample Memory

Carrying the signature theme of the stunning AORUS chassis, a style that blends futuristic concepts of minimalism and fluidic sculpture, the metallic silver falcon rests on the center with sculpted lines and three molded ridges surrounding the full aluminum matte black chassis.

AORUS Thermal+ technology incorporates 5 thermal Pipes and 2 fans and a total of 4 rear and side vents, optimizing cooling effect air flow efficiency for excellent reliability & stability. The rear arrangement of thermal parts maintains consistent coolness and keeps heat to a minimum even after hours of gaming.

Expand your Cinematic Experience

The anti-glare Full HD 1920x1080 display with 8 ms rapid response defeats motion blur in gaming and a 72% NTSC color gamut with great black levels produces crystal clear images. AORUS exclusive Acoustic+ audio modes are professionally tuned for accurate channel positioning making watching videos on your X7 a beautiful experience. Two built-in premium speakers including two subwoofers with amazing bass fidelity are capable of the most compelling gaming action as well as cinematic absorption. Immerse yourself with NVIDIA Surround, delivering Full HD video output on three monitors at 5760x1080 resolution for absolutely stunning impact, a must for first-person-shooter and race simulation fans.

Relentless Innovation; Endless Evolution

X7 ensures latency-free online gaming with the renowned Killer LAN chip, which achieves excellent packet transmission even under busy network traffic while generic LAN chips manage an average of 14.9% packet loss rate. The X7 supports 802.11ac, the latest wireless standard, guaranteed to bring you drag-free transmission plus enhanced coverage and throughput than the current 802.11n.

Technical Specifications

The X7 is a dream come true for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers that yearn for the most powerful machine in the slimmest form factor possible.

AVAILABILITY: Roll Out Launch from Mid-June.

MSRP: USD $2299 - 16GB DDR3L 1866Hz, 128GBx3 + 1TB 7200RPM ($2299-2799)

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