Aorus Xtreme Kit Option Joins Phanteks' Glacier Waterblock Range For C621 Chipset Motherboards

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This past June saw the launch of cooling specialists Phanteks' Glacier C3647i series of waterblocks for Intel's gargantuan LGA3647 platform utilising the C621 chipset. At the time three waterblock kits were available: two generic ones for the Square and Narrow LGA 3647 CPU socket types, and one kit for the ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme that includes a separate waterblock for the VRM. Today a second vendor-specific kit has been introduced, this time for GIGABYTE's C621 Aorus Xtreme.

The Glacier Aorus Xtreme Kit is made specifically for Gigabyte C621 Aorus Xtreme motherboard and Intel LGA 3647 Narrow Socket P Processors. The kit includes the VRM and CPU water blocks and are made from premium materials with the finest standards of craftsmanship to ensure maximum cooling performance. From military standard Viton O-ring to the Digital- RGB LED lighting, all of our exceptionally high-quality materials are carefully selected. The water block features a nickel-plated copper cold plate, acrylic top for an elegant look that provides optimal cooling for your extreme hardware.

Intel's LGA3647 workstation platform is an ambitious one. It supports CPUs up to the mind-boggling 28-core Xeon W-3175X, and so outputs a tremendous amount of heat even when not overclocked. Standard cooling of both VRM and CPU are taxed to the limit, making water-cooling all the more attractive an option despite the additional expense.

These water cooling components incorporate RGB LEDs into both waterblocks and are compatible with GIGABYTE's RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting system and Phanteks' own Digital-RGB controller. As a result they're highly customisable for different build aesthetics whilst still offering a clean finish in their own right.

C360i & C360a Water Blocks

Also joining the Glacier series watercooling range are two new full-cover waterblocks for modern mainstream Intel and AMD sockets: the Glacier C360i which is compatible with Intel Socket LGA115x and LGA2011-3, while the Glacier C360a is its counterpart for AMD's Socket AM4. Both designs cover the entire socket area, ensuring the maximum possible contact area between CPU and coldplate. Like other members of the Glacier range they're constructed from premium materials, including a nickel-plated copper cold plate, acrylic top and an aviation-grade Viton O-Ring that's resistant to temperature and aggressive fluids.

As an additional aesthetic twist both kits include interchangable black and chrome covers to suit your particular vision for your PC. Plus, Digital RGB lighting is supported via most of the major motherboard lighting schema.

US Pricing & Availability

Glacier Gigabyte Aorus C621 Xtreme Kit: $369.99
Glacier C360i Waterblock: $79.99
Glacier C360A Waterblock: $79.99

The kits will be available at the end of August 2019. EU and UK pricing hasn't been divulged as yet.

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