AORUS/GIGABYTE QD-OLED Monitors Upgraded to 3-Year Warranty Covering Panel Burn-In

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.03.2024 14:42:22

Earlier this year, ASUS and MSI extended the warranty on their OLED gaming monitors to three years. The warranty extension aims to give users the confidence of longevity against rumours of early OLED burn-in. Today, GIGABYTE follows suit and announces a warranty extension for its lineup of QD-OLED gaming monitors.

Press Release
In a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction and product reliability, GIGABYTE, the world’s leading computer brand, is thrilled to announce an updated 3-year warranty for its entire lineup of QD-OLED gaming monitors, including the CO49DQ, FO32U2P, FO32U2, FO27Q3, MO34WQC2, MO34WQC models. This enhanced warranty coverage underscores GIGABYTE’s confidence in the durability and performance of its cutting-edge gaming monitors.

The extended 3-year warranty aims to provide users with peace of mind and protection against potential panel image retention issues, ensuring a flawless gaming and entertaining experience over a long period. GIGABYTE is dedicated to offering not only state-of-the-art technology but also robust support and service to its customers.

In addition, GIGABYTE also addresses the issue of possible scratches on the screen during delivery. A screen protective film is added on the screen surface to provide extra protection. For more information and news on GIGABYTE products, please visit the GIGABYTE website.

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