Aqua Computer Expands cuplex kryos NEXT Series to Include TR4/SP3 Water Blocks

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅19.09.2017 21:57:58

Aqua Computer introduces its line-up of AMD Threadripper and EPYC CPU water blocks - the cuplex kryos NEXT TR4 Series and cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO TR4 Series. The NEXT and NEXT VARIO water blocks offer superb cooling performance for the AMD Threadripper CPUs with its large cooling plate with extremely fine micro-fin structure specifically designed for the AM4 and SP3 platforms. The base plates are available in copper, nickel-plated copper and 0.925 Sterling Silver models offering different cooling performances.

The NEXT VARIO TR4 water blocks feature an OLED display on the block’s top cover that gives real-time temperature using the embedded temperature sensors on the water block. It also has a USB interface to connect the water block to the computer for advanced hardware monitoring and device control using the software or mobile application.

Watch the cuplex kryos NEXT introduction video below:

Colour variants:
The top part of the water block is available in various materials and coatings listed below:
- Acetal black: Shiny black high-tech plastic
- Acrylic glass: Transparent body suitable for illumination
- Copper: Reddish gloss
- Nickel plated brass: Bright metallic gloss
- PVD plated brass: High quality multi-layer coating, dark metallic gloss

Check out Aqua Computer’s TR4/SP3 water block offerings here.

Availability and Pricing
The Aqua Computer Cuplex Kryos NEXT TR4 and NEXT VARIO TR4 Water Blocks are now available at with a starting price of 64,90 EUR (incl. 19 % Tax excl. shipping costs).

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