Aqua Computer Introduces LEAKSHIELD Leak Prevention System

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅14.06.2021 17:02:32

Aqua Computer introduces the LEAKSHIELD leak prevention system for liquid cooling systems. LEAKSHIELD builds a protective shield around your water-cooling system and reliably prevents liquid from escaping. LEAKSHIELD creates a negative pressure in your closed cooling system with its integrated vacuum pump. In the event of minor leaks, the LEAKSHIELD’s negative pressure sucks ambient air outside and into the system instead of leaking out coolant. The LEAKSHIELD standalone model can be easily integrated into any liquid cooling system which the LEAKSHIELD for ULTITUBE reservoirs is designed to be integrated on Aqua Computer ULTITUBE Series reservoirs.

Watch the Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD demonstration on the video below.

LEAKSHIELD for ULTITUBE Series Reservoirs

LEAKSHIELD Standalone Model


Leak Prevention
LEAKSHIELD generates a negative pressure in the whole coolant loop, therefore in case of a leak, coolant cannot exit the system, but ambient air is sucked into the system. In order to ensure that there is a negative pressure everywhere in the system, the amount of negative pressure can be adjusted depending on the installed coolant pump.

Fill Level Measurement
The Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD can precisely calculate the current fill level of the reservoir by monitoring changes in pressure and the volume of pumped air.

Excellent Leak Tester
The LEAKSHIELD can also be used as an excellent leak tester. In leak tester mode, a negative pressure is generated in the system and then monitored for changes in pressure. An integrated, highly accurate pressure sensor in LEAKSHIELD continuously monitors changes in pressure enabling detection of very small leaks.

Easy Filling and Topping Up of Coolant
Contrary to conventional liquid cooling systems wherein coolant is poured into the reservoir, the LEAKSHIELD’s negative pressure can easily suck cooling into the system which prevents spills and splashes.

Versatile OLED Display, RGB Lighting, and Software Features
Current status and sensor data can be checked on the OLED display of LEAKSHIELD. The display can be freely rotated by 360 degrees. Integrated, digital RGB LEDs can visualize current status or be freely configured to match your personal preferences.

Using the USB interface of LEAKSHIELD and the aquasuite Software, all data can be checked on the computer, additionally, hardware data available in the aquasuite can be transmitted to the device and displayed on the OLED display. The LEAKSHIELD also features an alarm function that can also be configured to create an emergency shutdown function.

The LEAKSHIELD Leak Prevention System is available in two variants - LEAKSHIELD for ULTITUBE Reservoirs and LEAKSHIELD standalone system. Both available at Aqua Computer Shop for 119,90 EUR and 139,90 EUR, respectively.

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