Arctic Adds New Mounts for Monitors and TVs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅26.11.2019 06:44:52

Arctic expands its portfolio of mounting products for PC monitors and TVs featuring comprehensive VESA compatibility and maximum load capacity of up to 30 kilograms with the new Arctic TV Flex M and Arctic Z+1 Pro (Gen 3) and Z+2 Pro (Gen 3) monitor extension arms. The Arctic Z+1 Pro (Gen 3) and Z+2 Pro (Gen 3) extension arms can be tagged along with other Arctic monitor arms to create a comprehensive multi-monitor setup.

Arctic TV Flex M

The Arctic TV Flex M offers maximum flexibility that opens up space for new perspectives. The TV Flex M consists of two arms and three joints offering unlimited possibilities wherein users can rotate up to 360, swivel up to 180, and tilt at +5/-10 to achieve desired viewing angle for greater comfort. The Arctic TV Flex M is a full-motion wall mount with wide VESA mounting compatibility. The Arctic TV Flex M supports up to 30 kilograms and supports displays from 23 to 55. The Flex TV M does not only support TVs, it also supports large-format gaming displays (LFGD) and gaming monitors like the 43 Acer Predator CG437K P which weighs 18.65 kilograms or the massive 55 Alienware AW5520QF OLED Gaming Monitor which weighs 26.1 kilograms.

The Arctic TV Flex M is ultra-flush with minimal 44mm wall clearance or extendable up to 498mm. This allows your TV or gaming monitor to seamlessly blend into any interior, making it eye-catching and space-saving. The TV Flex M mount also has integrated cable management rounds to keep cables tucked neat and clean.

Arctic Z+1 Pro (Gen 3) and Z+2 Pro (Gen 3) Extension Arms

The Arctic Z+1 Pro (Gen 3) and Z+2 Pro (Gen 3) extension arms are a great choice for working or gaming. The extension arms enable users to respectively add two additional displays into an existing setup for a larger viewing area with great flexibility at the turn of a hand. The Z+1 Pro (Gen 3) and Z+2 Pro (Gen 3) extension arms are compatible with most monitor arms of the Arctic Pro and 3D series which includes the Z1 Pro (Gen2+3), Z2 Pro (Gen2+3), Z3 Pro (Gen 3), Z1-3D, Z1-3D (Gen 3), Z2-3D, and Z2-3D (Gen 3).

Pricing and Availability
The Arctic TV Flex M and Arctic Z+1 Pro (Gen 3) are available now on the market and on Amazon UK at 34.99 and 29.99, respectively. See product listing on Amazon links below:
Arctic TV Flex M
Arctic Z+1 Pro (Gen 3) Extension Arm

The Arctic Z+2 Pro (Gen 3) is expected to be available mid-December.

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