ARCTIC Announce The Accelero Twin-Turbo 690

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅21.08.2012 17:00:47

Some quick news coming out of ARCTIC: available this September will be an aftermarket air cooling solution for the NVIDIA GTX 690. Dubbed the Accelero Twin-Turbo 690, the cooler claims better cooling and far better noise characteristics than stock.

The stock cooler configuration of the GTX690 is one of a single radial fan pushing air over two heatsinks, exhausting air at both the front and back of the card. Whist pretty efficient as reference coolers go the central fan may ramp as high as 3000rpm, generating a not inconsiderably amount of noise in the process; even at this speed, the air flow is still split between two GPUs, limiting performance.

ARCTIC have chosen to use a design quite different from reference, matching more closely what you'd expect from an Accelero cooler. Gone is the central fan and aluminium shroud, replaced by an open design and two 120mm PWM fans rated for 1500rpm and designed by Arctic for low noise operation. Each GPU has a dedicated cooling plate and five 6mm-diameter heatpipes feeding out to the 86 aluminium fin array, which are cooled directly by one of the 120mm fans.

Additional cooling is also provided to power circuitry (VRMs etc.), RAM and the on-PCB bridging common to dual-GPU configurations. The assembly is mounted by what ARCTIC class as a 'unique mounting system for the GTX690' and is likely compatible only with NVIDIA reference PCB designs.

It'd take a stout heart and a steady nerve to give fitting an aftermarket cooler to a $1000 card a go, but if your up to it you'll get the chance soon. The Accelero Twin-Turbo 690 will be available from the 10th September and is currently priced at $169.99.


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