ARCTIC Confirms Cooler Compatibility with Intel Core-X Processors

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ARCTIC offers a wide variety of cooling solutions for PC hardware including fans, GPU coolers and CPU coolers. ARCTIC confirms compatibility of their CPU cooler line up with the new Intel Core-X Series processors that uses the latest Intel High-End Desktop (HEDT) socket LGA 2066. Aside from compatibility, ARCTIC also assures their CPU coolers will provide effective cooling for the high-performance Core-X Series processors.

Compatible Coolers
LGA 2066 compatible CPU coolers include the ARCTIC Freezer 11, 12, 32 and 33 Series. These aircooling solutions are compatible with socket LGA 2066 without the need of a new mounting bracket. As for ARCTIC’s all-in-one liquid cooling solutions, the Liquid Freezer 120, 240 and 360 AIO CPU coolers are equally compatible with LGA 2066 socket. Builders of LGA 2066-based systems can use these coolers using the including mounting brackets without any issues.

Effective Cooling
ARCTIC also assures the said compatible air coolers and liquid coolers can provide effective cooling to the next Intel Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X processors even in overclocked settings. The new processors’ thermal power design which is up to 112W is well within the cooling capacities of the compatible ARCTIC CPU coolers.

List of LGA 2066 Compatible ARCTIC CPU Coolers
Air Coolers
- Freezer 12
- Freezer 12 CO
- Freezer 33 Plus
- Freezer 33
- Freezer 33 CO
- Freezer i32 Plus
- Freezer i32
- Freezer i32 CO
- Freezer i11
- Freezer i11 CO

Liquid Coolers
Liquid Freezer 120
Liquid Freezer 240
Liquid Freezer 360

Visit the ARCTIC website to check out all the compatible CPU coolers.

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