Arctic Cooling launch exclusive Accelero L7 cooling solution for Sapphire

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A Truly SAPPHIRE Cooler

The Accelero L7 was designed in the shape of a gem, resonating with the brand of SAPPHIRE.
“We are pleased to have further collaboration with SAPPHIRE,” said Magnus Huber, managing director of
ARCTIC COOLING. “When we designed the Accelero L7 for the company, we thought a gem shape would
integrate well with their brand.”

“The Accelero L7 has a very stylish look and offers nearly inaudible cooling to the SAPPHIRE HD4770 and
HD4670 graphic cards,” he continued. “With significant GPU temperature reduction, the Accelero L7 can
extend the service life of these valuable cards, as well as to boost their overclocking and graphic performance to
a new level.”

“SAPPHIRE has always been a leader in Silent Cooling,” said Bill Donnelly, Global PR Director for SAPPHIRE.
“We are very happy to work with partner companies like ARCTIC COOLING who can bring us state of the art
solutions that allow us to deliver highly efficient graphics products that give great value to our customers”

Highly efficient cooling for high quality graphic cards

Just like other ARCTIC COOLING products, the Accelero L7 was developed using the latest fluid analysis
software and numerous simulations, which guarantee efficient and quiet thermal management at all time.
The optimised heatsink of the Accelero L7 comes with the pre-applied thermal compound ARCTIC MX-2. This
reputable TIM gives a perfect conjunction between the core and the heatsink that reinforces the overall cooling
performance. The Accelero L7 also features a patented fan holder and low noise impeller in the 92mm PWM
fan, achieving high airflow at a lower fan speed. As a result, core heat is dissipated efficiently from the heatsink
and the fan, which makes the Accelero L7 a superb cooling solution for Sapphire HD 4770 and SAPPHIRE HD
4670 graphic cards.

The Accelero L7 is designed with an excellent acoustic concept. Friction from rotation is greatly reduced by a
fluid dynamic bearing. Together with the PWM function, the Accelero L7 delivers quiet cooling at all time –
reaching a noise level of only 0.4 sone at full load.

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