ARCTIC Introduces Freezer 12 and Freezer 12 CO Coolers

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ARCTIC introduces new Freezer 12 Series offering a compact but strong single-tower CPU coolers. There are two models under the new series namely the Freezer 12 and Freezer 12 CO compact CPU coolers which are multi-compatible including the new AMD Ryzen AM4 socket. The Freezer 12 series features improved cooling performance, noise level reduction, better mounting versatility and transport-proofness compared to its successor, the Freezer 11 Series.

Passive Cooling
The Freezer 12 are deemed passive coolers which features improved efficiency wherein the PWM cooling fan can start at 40% pulse width. The fans on the Freezer 12 and Freezer 12 CO run only when needed. The coolers can stay on passive cooling mode at very low loads wherein temperatures are low as well. There are anti-vibration rubber mounts on the fan so further boost the silent operation of the coolers.

Cooling Power
The combination of the 92mm fan, three double-sided direct-touch heat pipes and 45 aluminium fins provide excellent heat dissipation with a maximum cooling performance of 150watts.

The Freezer 12 and Freezer 12 CO coolers are compatible to both Intel and AMD sockets including the new AM4 socket.

Reliable For Long-Term Operations
The Freezer 12 CO is specifically designed for continuous operation. With its high-precision dual ball bearing, the cooler lasts five times as long as other coolers with standard bearings.

Main Features Freezer 12 / Freezer 12 CO
- Compatible with Intel & AMD socket
- Passive Operation up to 40 % PWM
- Improved airflow for more efficient cooling performance
- Offset heat pipes ensure optimal heat dissipation
- Improved fan controller made in Germany
- Anti-vibration rubbers for quiet operation
- Installation in all four directions possible
- Transport-proof mounting with backplate
- MX-4 thermal paste included

The ARCTIC Freezer 12 and Freezer 12 CO are now available with a starting at a price of 34.99/$39.99 MSRP. See ARCTIC CPU coolers at the ARCTIC webshop.

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