ARCTIC Introduces Freezer 4U-M Server Cooler for 4U Server Racks

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅05.10.2023 23:32:00
Press Release

ARCTIC releases the Freezer 4U-M, a multi-compatible server cooler for 4U server racks. The ARCTIC Freezer 4U-M is the successor of the established Freezer 4U SP3. It is a versatile server cooler with a push-pull fan setup, a large contact area and an improved mounting system. Thanks to its compatibility with Intel’s LGA4189 and LGA4677 as well as AMD’s SP6, sTR5, SP3, TR4, sTRX4 and sWRX8 sockets, it is suitable for a wide range of Intel and AMD server processors.

Even with its particularly high cooling performance, it consumes only 2.88 watts, underlining its remarkable energy efficiency even when cooling powerful processors with up to 64 cores and a TDP of up to 350 watts.

With a generous 53mm of RAM clearance, the Freezer 4U-M allows the use of memory modules with larger heatsinks. This clearance allows efficient air circulation and ensures compatibility with a wide range of RAM variants.

With an optimized installation height of only 145 mm, the Freezer 4U-M fits into conventional 4U server racks and most 4U consumer cases.

Pricing and Availability
The new Freezer 4U-M is available today in the ARCTIC Webshop, on Amazon UK as well as on eBay starting at a price of 53,99€ (RRP 64,99€).

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