Arctic Introduces Freezer 7 X CPU Cooler

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.02.2020 18:45:22
Press Release

Arctic introduces the successor of one of Arctic’s long-running CPU cooler, the Freezer 7 Pro, presenting the new Arctic Freezer 7 X cooler. The Freezer 7 X is an entry-level aftermarket CPU cooler that’s built upon the success of the Freezer 7 Pro. The Freezer 7 X comes with an improved heatsink design with a reworked heat pipe layout. The cooler features two direct-touch heat pipes with pre-applied Arctic MX-2 thermal paste. The cooler comes with a PWM controlled, pressure-optimized 92mm fan to deliver superior heat dissipation.

The Arctic Freezer 7 X features multi-socket compatibility with its varied mounting options to support Intel and AMD sockets. The Freezer 7 X sports a full heatsink cover that gives the cooler better aesthetics compared to its predecessor. The 92mm cooling fan uses Fluid Dynamic Bearing that operates with less vibration and noise compared to the Freezer 7 Pro’s cooling fan.

Arctic Freezer 7 X Technical Data
Heat Pipe: Direct Touch (6mm diameter x 2)
Heatsink: Aluminium Fins x44, Thickness 0.4mm
Thermal Compound: pre-applied Arctic MX-2
Fan: 1x 92mm, 300~2000 RPM, PWM controlled
Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Connector: 4-pin PWM connector
Noise Level: 0.3 Sone
Current/Voltage: 0.07A/12V
Dimensions (LWH): 74.3 x 110.5 x 132.5mm
Net Weight: 425 grams
Socket Compatibility: Intel LGA 115X, 1200, 775 / AMD FM1, FM2+, AM3+ AM4

Pricing and Availability
The Arctic Freezer 7 X is now available at partner resellers with an MSRP of US$16.99. Learn more about the Arctic Freezer 7 X here.

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