ARCTIC Introduces P12 Slim PWM PST Case Fan

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅25.01.2021 19:41:15
Press Release

ARCTIC presents the P12 Slim PWM PST a new fan for HTPC cases, mini-ITX chassis builds, small-form-factor PCs, and mini-PCs. With an installation depth of only 15mm, the ARCTIC P12 Slim PWM PST 120mm fan is ideal for compact cases. The ARCTIC P12 Slim PWM PST fan is designed for high static pressure, which also makes it excellently suited for use on CPU coolers and radiators.

The ARCTIC P12 Slim PWM PST fan sports a rotation speed range of 300 to 2100 RPM and is controlled by PWM signal. Synchronous and noise-reduced control of multiple fans is easily possible using PWM Sharing Technology (PST). The newly developed ARCTIC motor with sinusoidal magnetization also contributes to the smooth running of the P12 Slim PWM PST, which keeps commutation oscillations to a minimum. The installed neodymium-iron-boron magnetic ring of the latest generation lowers the coil temperature and has an energy-saving effect making it very efficient and reliable. The ARCTIC P12 Slim PWM PST comes with a 10-year warranty.

Key Features

Slim 15mm installation depth for compact cases.
Optimized for high static pressure, guarantees extremely efficient cooling.
Neodym-Iron-Boron-Magnet motor ring for greater energy efficiency and lower coil temperature without compromising performance.
Maximum quietness, minimum vibration. The new motor only creates about 5 % of the vibration from the commutation of a regular DC-motor without a filter.
300 to 2100 RPM regulated via PWM Sharing Technology (PST).
High-quality Fluid Dynamic Bearing.
Extended life span and a 10-year warranty.

Pricing and Availability
The ARCTIC P12 Slim PWM PST fan is now available at the ARCTIC Webshop for 9.99 MSRP.

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