ARCTIC P14 Max High-Performance 140mm Fan Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅26.03.2024 14:42:56
Press Release

An addition to ARCTIC's extensive range of fans: The P14 Max complements the existing high-performance series with a high-performance 140 mm model. The ARCTIC P14 Max impresses above all with its extremely wide speed range, which extends from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 2800 RPM. It’s equipped with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing, allowing for near-silent operation at low speeds, while at the same time guaranteeing brutal performance when it's needed.

As ARCTIC's most powerful 140mm fan, it provides a significant leap in performance over existing air- and water-cooling solutions. Like the ARCTIC P-Max models already introduced, the high-speed fan is also characterized by proven features such as the closed ring fan wheel for low-vibration rotation and a focused airflow at high static pressure.

Key Features
Wide speed range: 400-2800 RPM
0 RPM under 3% PWM
Fan optimized for static pressure
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Maximum smoothness, minimal vibration
Ideal for use on radiators abnd heat sinks
6-year warranty

The ARCTIC P14 Max 140 mm High-Speed PWM Fan is available in a single-fan pack and five-fan pack. Now available on the ARCTIC webstore and Amazon UK for £10.98 (single fan) and £37.99 (five fan pack).

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