ARCTIC Prepares Liquid Freezer II CPU Cooler

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Earlier this year, a prototype of the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II was teased on the brand’s Facebook page. The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II sports a new design with a hybrid cooling engine that will be using liquid cooling and air-cooling mechanisms. The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II will also be sporting a new pump powered by Asetek and other patented technologies to deliver a top-notch cooling performance which ARCTIC promises to have good value for money as well.

Images of the Liquid Freezer II Prototype

Hybrid Cooling

ARCTIC’s Technical Director, Vincent André, explains some technical details of the upcoming Liquid Freezer II all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. The pump and water block module of the Liquid Freezer II is noticeably unique from standard AIOs with its seemingly larger footprint. The Liquid Freezer II’s pump is powered by a three-phase motor that delivers higher efficiency and smoother operation. The pump and water block module also comes with an integrated 40mm cooling fan to deliver additional cooling to the cooling plate as well as the pump.

Asetek + ARCTIC Technologies

ARCTIC will continue working with Asetek in developing the Liquid Freezer II. The Liquid Freezer II will likely be sporting Asetek’s latest all-in-one liquid cooler technology, the Asetek Gen6 Cooling Technology which was used in Asetek’s 645LT SFF AIO cooler, EVGA’s Hybrid coolers, and the recently released AORUS Liquid CPU Cooler Series. ARCTIC will also be bringing their own technologies to complement the strengths of the Asetek cooler, adding solutions for ARCTIC-specific needs.

ARCTIC reveals they are working on different models of the Liquid Freezer II: one with a 360mm radiator and a smaller model, likely with a 240mm or 280mm radiator. No information on launch date as of this writing.

Source: ARCTIC Blog

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