ARCTIC Presents New Pressure-Optimized Server Fans and MX Cleaner

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅22.03.2022 16:13:47
Press Release

ARCTIC introduces the S4028-6K and S4028-15K 40mm server fans and the ARCTIC MX Cleaner cleaning wipes for removing thermal compound. The new S4028-6K and S4028-15K server fans, ARCTIC brings its cooling expertise to the server market. ARCTIC’s products are well known for their performance, efficiency, and long service life, and these fans are no exception. On the other hand, the MX Cleaner wipes are Limonene-based, alcohol-free solvent specially formulated for cleaning thermal paste.

S4028-6K and S4028-15K
The new ARCTIC 40mm fans are ideal for 1U servers and as replacement fans for network and storage devices (routers, switches, NAS, etc.), their compact dimensions also make them suitable for use in Mini PCs, 3D printers and other small devices. Each fan has a particularly wide speed range that can be controlled via either PWM or voltage. With a maximum RPM of 15000 and a low installation depth of 28mm, the S4028-15K is one of the strongest 12V 40mm server fans available. The S4028-6K, with its 6000 max RPM, provides a great balance between cooling performance and moderate noise.

The S4028-6K1 and S4028-15K server fans are backed with a 6-year warranty, now available in the ARCTIC webshop.

MX Cleaner
ARCTIC’s MX Cleaner wipes are a practical solution for removing leftover thermal paste or pad residue from CPUs, GPUs, cooler bases, and other hardware components. The ARCTIC MX Cleaner wipes come pre-moistened with a Limonene-based, alcohol-free solvent specially formulated for cleaning thermal paste. Limonene is a natural substance derived from the peel of citrus fruits. Made from a microfine, cellulose material that does not scratch surfaces, MX Cleaner wipes make the regular replacement of thermal paste a painless job.

The ARCTIC MX Cleaner wipes come in a box of 40 individually sealed towelettes and are available for purchase from today in the ARCTIC webshop and in stores, with an MSRP of US$12.99

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