Arrozi Adds Arena Gaming Desk Pure Black Edition

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅08.05.2017 20:26:24

Arrozi’s Arena Gaming Desk gets a Pure Black edition as popularly demanded. The Arena Gaming Desk features a 14-square feet surface area desktop that’s designed specifically for gamers. Arrozi addresses the unique needs of gamers which led the brand to create gaming gears such as gaming chairs and gaming desks. The Arena Gaming Desk offers a solid and sturdy structure that will support any gaming setup plus intense gaming action. The gaming desk has a desktop load capacity of 80 kilograms, supporting even high-end gaming setups with multiple monitors.

The Arena Gaming Desk has a custom mouse pad cover that offers precise and accurate tracking for any mouse peripheral. With a width of 160cm, the gaming desk can support up to three monitors for multi-monitor setups. A monitor arm can be purchased separately which supports up to three monitors. Depth is at 82cm giving the user a huge space for peripherals and other devices. The custom mouse pad covers 100% of the surface and adheres tightly to the desktop with special microfiber cloth that is machine washable and water-resistant. The entire mouse pad is 3.2 kilograms in weight and its non-slip underside ensures it will not move even with the most intense gaming battles.

The underside of the gaming desk features a unique cable management pouch to hide all the cables from plain sight. The Arrozi Arena Gaming Desk is available in different colours including red, blue, green, white, black and the newest addition of the pure black version.


The Arena Gaming Desk has an MSRP of €299.00 inc. VAT. The gaming desk is divided into three sections in a compact packaging for transportation using couriers such as DHL, UPS and others. Delivery within Europe takes around 2 to 6 business days. Visit the Arrozi website for more information on the Arena Gaming Desk and other gaming gears.

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