Asetek Announce Availability and Preorder Dates for 240mm Super Cooler

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Asetek’s 2011C Set to Take Performance Crown for Sealed Liquid Cooling Industry

Asetek, the industry-leading supplier of all-in-one liquid cooling systems for computers, today announced that the limited edition Asetek WaterChill™ 2011C liquid CPU cooler will be available for pre-order on July 1st, 2011 and shipping out to eager customers beginning in early August. First previewed at CeBit this year, the Asetek 2011C, is a 120x240mm, 4-fan ChillControl-enabled powerhouse.

“Asetek is re-introducing it’s WaterChill™ brand to showcase its latest liquid cooling technologies and make ultra-extreme, limited-edition products like the WaterChill™ 2011C available directly to end-users via the Asetek web site,” said Steve Branton, Director of Marketing at Asetek. “Our plan is to make limited quantities of 1,000 units or less of each product available exclusively through the Asetek web store and to introduce new products to showcase the latest in Asetek technology as it develops.”

The 2011C showcases the best of Asetek liquid CPU cooling technology. Featuring Asetek’s brand new 1.5” thick 120x240mm radiator and four fans in push-pull configuration, the 2011C dominates the competition. The low-profile pump is fitted with Asetek’s 3rd Generation coldplate technology and supports interactive fan control technology for all four fans. A USB connection on the pump enables sophisticated user control of fans and lighting effects via Asetek’s ChillControl software app.

“I keep a close eye on the community and jump into discussion quite a bit. After talking with our community and listening to the feedback, it was clear that a product like this is what the people want,” said Stu Grubbs, Resident PC Enthusiast “The Asetek 2011C is the result of feedback and discussion amongst our friends in the community. I’m excited by the opportunities this will bring us to engage directly with the people who use our cutting edge products.”

New Universal Mounting Solution Adds Intel Socket 2011 Support While Increasing Ease of Use

Asetek, the world’s leading supplier of liquid cooling technology for computers, today announced support for Intel’s next-generation high performance desktop platform processor, codenamed Sandy Bridge E, across Asetek’s line of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers and combination CPU+GPU coolers. Sandy Bridge E is unlocked for performance tuning and utilizes Intel’s new socket 2011. Support for the Intel Sandy Bridge E is enabled by a new universal mounting system that is compatible with all of Asetek’s all-in-one CPU liquid coolers. In addition to supporting the new Intel socket 2011, the redesigned mounting mechanism supports all popular Intel processors that utilize LGA 1155, 1156 and 1366 sockets.

“Liquid Cooling Sandy Bridge E required a significant redesign of our mounting solution and our engineering team took advantage of this redesign to make this our easiest to install mounting system to date,” said Steve Branton, Asetek’s Director of Marketing. “The ring itself is stouter in appearance, the screws are easy to start thanks to the addition of thumb knobs, and the screw heads are recessed in the thumb knobs to prevent screw drivers from slipping off the screw and damaging motherboards.“

Asetek Mounting System for Water Cooling Intel Socket 2011 Processors

Samples of Asetek’s Sandy Bridge E mounting solution will be available for qualification by OEM and systems integration customers beginning June 10th, 2011. Partner Products for do-it-yourself and enthusiast customers are expected to begin reaching store shelves in August. Owners of Asetek manufactured all-in-one liquid cooling systems that upgrade their PCs to Sandy Bridge E processors will be able to purchase Socket 2011 mounting kits from Asetek’s partner brands or complete mounting solution kits from Asetek. The complete mounting kits support popular desktop processor sockets for both Intel and AMD processors.

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