Asetek Certifies New Phanteks Glacier One 240T30 CPU Cooler Delivering 360mm AIO Performance

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅13.08.2021 23:54:40
Press Release

Asetek announced that OEM partner Phanteks has introduced the extreme performance Glacier One 240T30 AIO CPU cooler. The Glacier One 240T30 can deliver 360mm performance in a 240mm form factor, taking overclocking capability for intense gameplay to the next level, while also enabling more build diversity. The 240mm AIO cooler features the new Phanteks T30-120 fan with a thicker 120x120x30mm dimension allowing it to deliver stronger air pressure.

Asetek worked closely with Phanteks when developing the Glacier One 240T30, defining a 120x240x38mm radiator best suited to bolster performance when combined with Phanteks’ powerful new 120mm high-performance T30-120 fans. The T30-120 features LCP frame and blades with 0.5mm continuous blade tip clearance, Dual VAPO bearing with magnetic levitation, and a 3-phase motor combining the best aerodynamic design with high-quality components. The larger radiator increases the fin depth and maximizes surface area for superior heat dissipation. The Phanteks T30-120 fans are an ideal complement to the beefed-up 240mm radiator, delivering high-velocity airflow and exceptional cooling.

The Phanteks Glacier One 240T30 incorporates Asetek’s most advanced liquid cooling technology, including:

- Maximum performance along with industry-recognized quality and reliability.
- Out-of-Bounds temperature sensing. The cooler continuously monitors the liquid temperature and automatically boosts the pump speed to clear any temperature excursions, ensuring smooth system operation for an immersive gameplay experience.
- Safety features to ensure the liquid temperature stays within limits for normal safe operation.
- Even quieter operation versus previous technology generations.
- System improvements resulting in enhanced permeation resistance and increased durability.

“With the Glacier One 240T30, our goal was to provide our customers with the most advanced 240mm closed-loop CPU cooler on the market. Asetek was the ideal partner given its recognized leadership in liquid cooling, and proven quality and reliability.”
- said Boon T. Khor, Lead Designer at Phanteks

“We were thrilled to take on the challenge when Phanteks approached us with the idea of creating a 240mm CPU cooler capable of 360mm performance. By working together, we were able to combine innovations to bring a first-of-its-kind cooling solution to Phanteks’ customers.”
- said John Hamill, Chief Operating Officer at Asetek.

To learn more about the new Phanteks Glacier One 240T30, please visit Phanteks.

Source: Asetek

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