Asetek Launches Esport Academy in Denmark

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅07.03.2019 00:13:04
Press Release

Asetek, pioneer of the all-in-one liquid cooling systems for computer hardware, launches a top-of-the-line gaming and esports academy at the Asetek’s headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark. Asetek aims to invest in the booming gaming and esports industry by giving more attention to competitive gamers around the world. The Gaming and Esports Academy will feature state-of-the-art gaming machines from Asetek’s partners which includes gaming-grade Alienware Aurora desktop PCs, Razer gaming peripherals and others. The Academy will also be sporting no less than five high-performance Racing Simulators with Alienware Aurora PCs and F1 Esports certified gear from Fanatec.

The Asetek Esports Academy

Asetek has partnered with Alienware to exclusively offer Aurora R8 machines featuring the 9th generation Intel i9-9900K CPUs and GeForce RTX 2080 OC GPUs. All the gaming rigs feature native liquid cooling, made by Asetek. Furthermore, Razer has generously sponsored gear for the aspiring gamers, providing Razer Huntsman Elite, Deathadder Elite, Nari Ultimate, and everything else they could need in the peripheral space. Comfort and proper posture are not underestimated either – the FPS gaming rigs are equipped with the best chairs from Swedish Arozzi.

The academy features racing simulators with the latest in Esports racing equipment from Fanatec; including DD-2 wheelbases, Clubsport V3 pedals, and real Recaro racing seats. The entire facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art fibre-optic internet connection.

More Than Gaming

Asetek Esports Academy will also feature a lounge section, fully equipped with luxurious chairs in contemporary Scandinavian design from fellow Aalborg company SACKit. A large flat screen TV for tactical reviews, Esports tournament watching, and general leisure will make sure that players at Asetek Esports Academy are provided with both the knowledge and comfort to excel.

The academy will not only be home to aspiring gamers, but also Asetek employees looking to have a bit of gaming fun. The academy will be the venue for finals of upcoming Asetek Esports tournaments (TBA), Overclocking sessions and much more. In the future, live-streams will be featured and you will be able to play against Asetek’s Technology Evangelists online in featured sessions. Asetek’s academy aims to train Esport Athletes with skill-oriented training along with focused physical and mental exercises.

Asetek will be relaunching its website with a contemporary design that will fit its audience that will now include gamers and enthusiasts. Asetek will also be building a community featuring blogs written by its resident enthusiasts, Esports athletes, and others.


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