ASRock Intel 200 Series Motherboards Now Support Intel Optane Memory

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ASRock rolls out BIOS updates for its Intel 200 Series motherboards to support Intel Optane Memory. ASRock Intel 200 Series motherboards users can simply update the BIOS and install the required driver via the ASRock Appshop in a jiffy and enjoy the benefit of faster loading times and increased overall performance of your system. Get full Intel Optane Memory support today! Check out the simple steps below on how to update ASRock Intel 200 series motherboard BIOS.

Updating BIOS for Intel Optane Memory

First, install the Intel Optane Memory supporting drive in the desired Ultra M.2 slot on the ASRock motherboard.

Second, launch the ASRock Appshop utility and run an update to search for applications and utilities available for update or installation. Look for the “Intel Optane Memory 1 Click Install” utility and install. The utility will automatically install the new BIOS and driver needed to support Intel Optane Memory. System will automatically reboot itself during the process. Make sure the BIOS update and drive installation will not be interrupted in any way.

Third and final step, simply enable Intel Optane Memory and enjoy the improved performance and responsiveness from your drive.

BIOS Version and Support List
See the list of ASRock Intel 200 series motherboards at support Intel Optane Memory with the corresponding BIOS version below.
Model ~ BIOS Version

ASRock Z270 Motherboards
Z270 SuperCarrier ~ P2.00
Z270 Taichi ~ P2.00
Fatal1ty Z270 Professional Gaming i7 ~ P2.00
Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 ~ P2.00
Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K4 ~ P2.00
Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac ~ P2.10
Z270M-ITX/ac ~ P2.00
Z270 Extreme4 ~ P2.00
Z270M Extreme4 ~ P2.00
Z270 Killer SLI/ac ~ P2.00
Z270 Killer SLI ~ P2.00
Z270 Pro4 ~ P2.00
Z270M Pro4 ~ P2.00

ASRock H270 Motherboards
Fatal1ty H270 Performance ~ P2.00
Fatal1ty H270M Performance ~ P2.00
H270M-ITX/ac ~ P2.00
H270 Pro4 ~ P2.00
H270M Pro4 ~ P2.00

ASRock B250 Motherboards
Fatal1ty B250 Gaming K4 ~ P2.00
Fatal1ty B250M Performance ~ P2.00
B250M Pro4 ~ P2.00
B250M-HDV ~ P2.00
B250 Pro4 ~ P2.00

Learn more about ASRock Appshop utility at the ASRock website.

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