ASRock Launches Challenger Series Gaming Monitors

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ASRock expands its monitor lineup with the new Challenger Series monitors, an all-rounder solution for light gaming and productivity. The ASRock Challenger Series currently consists of two models, the CL25FF 24.5" FHD monitor and CL27FF 27" FHD monitor, both equipped with a 100Hz IPS panel with an impressive 99% sRGB colour space accuracy making these monitors ideal for both gaming and productivity. Both monitors also feature AMD FreeSync Technology support.

Press Release
ASRock launched the new Challenger monitor series, including CL25FF and CL27FF models, designed for "Light Gaming" that aim to challenge users' perceptions of business displays, offering a gaming-grade experience with high specifications.

The Challenger monitor series boasts a remarkable 100Hz refresh rate, combining Flicker-Free technology to combat screen flickering and AMD FreeSync technology to eliminate screen tearing. Paired with a wide viewing angle IPS panel that supports low blue light mode, users can expect a smooth, detailed visual experience. The Challenger monitor series is your dependable partner for office tasks and, at the same time, an outstanding choice for gaming and entertainment!

Sharper, Wider Visual Presentation
The ASRock Challenger CL25FF features a wider 24.5-inch screen than standard 23.8-inch business monitors, while the CL27FF takes it a step further with a 27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution panel, ensuring sharper and more vivid visual images. Through the utilization of IPS screen technology, the Challenger monitor series presents a heightened sense of reality with vibrant color effects and an expansive 178 wide viewing angle, ensuring users can relish a breathtaking visual experience from every perspective.

Smoother, More Detailed Visual Delights
In addition to its vibrant and vivid display, the Challenger monitor series incorporates a 100Hz high refresh rate and a lightning-fast 1ms response time (MPRT). This ensures a seamless, blur-free viewing experience, even when watching fast-paced dynamic videos or engaging in high-speed gaming, all while maintaining crystal-clear visual quality.

Furthermore, the integration of Flicker-Free technology significantly enhances screen smoothness, and when combined with AMD FreeSync technology, it eliminates screen tearing and stuttering, crafting a superior, ultra-smooth visual performance.

Enhanced and Thoughtful Eye Care
While the visual experience is essential, eye protection takes precedence! The Challenger monitor series monitors combine low blue light technology with flicker-free capabilities, reducing harmful high-energy blue light radiation and eliminating rapid color fluctuations per second. This effectively reduces headaches and eye fatigue levels, offering users a more comfortable and relaxed sensory experience.

ASRock did not reveal information regarding pricing and availability as of this writing. To learn more, visit the product page links below.
ASRock Challenger CL25FF Monitor
ASRock Challenger CL27FF Monitor

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