ASRock X79 Transformer Concepts

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04.01.2012 23:17:23

ASRock are certainly excelling in the market lately and would appear that they had a little brainstorm about how to pitch their products towards the enthusiast. The criteria, I imagine, may have gone a little like this.

ASRock Designer 1: "Our competition are arming their motherboards with guns, it's getting violent out there!"
ASRock Designer 2: "They are colourful too! Where are they getting this power from?"
ASRock Designer 1: "Guns, explosions, gamers, ninjas, assassins, crosshairs, snipers, pirates, spartans, romans, vikings, dragons... how can we top this?"

*Explosion in the background entices the designers to turn their heads simultaineously*

Optimus Prime: "One shall stand, one shall fall!"

What better way to tap into a tech freaks inner child than by using iconic Hasbro characters Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee to influence the design of flagship X79 motherboards? While these are just concepts, there is little reason to assume they may not happen bar maybe some form of legal agreement between Hasbro and ASRock.

The Bumble Bee catches our preference, like your favourite on the ASRock Facebook page.

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