ASUS Announce 9-Series Support For 5th Generation Intel Core Processors

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The Maximus VII Impact is just one of many ASUS 9-series motherboards getting Broadwell support

Taipei, Taiwan (10th March, 2015) — ASUS today announced that all 9 Series motherboards offer support for 5th-generation Intel® Core™ processors, assuring a quick, safe, and smooth upgrade — immediately. The easy-to-use ASUS USB BIOS Flashback or BIOS Updater tools enable users to update the UEFI BIOS quickly, unleashing the great performance of the latest high-performance CPUs.

Easy update for instant compatibility with new 5th-generation Intel Core processors

ASUS 9 Series motherboards that include the renowned ASUS USB BIOS Flashback feature[1] enable users to apply UEFI BIOS updates with incredible ease. This innovative tool downloads the latest BIOS to a USB flash drive, enabling users to update the award-winning ASUS UEFI BIOS quickly and easily. The motherboard does not even need to have a CPU or DRAM modules in place: users can simply connect the power supply, plug in their USB drive, press the USB BIOS Flashback or Reset button and then sit back and wait — there’s nothing else to do.

For other ASUS 9 Series motherboards the necessary UEFI BIOS update takes just one click in an easy-to-use Windows-based BIOS updater application[2], which can be downloaded free of charge from the ASUS website.

Users keen to take advantage of the power of the latest 5th-generation Intel Core processors can visit the ASUS website, at, and download the relevant UEFI BIOS version today. The following ASUS 9 Series motherboards can be updated for compatibility with the latest Intel CPUs:

Motherboard/BIOS Update


Z97-Deluxe(NFC & WLC): 2205
Z97-Deluxe/USB 3.1: 0401
Z97-Deluxe: 2205
Z97-Pro(Wi-Fi ac)/USB 3.1: 2302
Z97-Pro(Wi-Fi ac): 2205
Z97-Pro: 2205
Z97-A/USB 3.1: 0501
Z97-A: 2205
Z97-AR: 2205
Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1/USB 3.1: 0401
Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1: 2205
Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2: 2205
Sabertooth Z97 Mark S: 2205
Gryphon Z97 Armor Edition: 2205
Gryphon Z97: 2205
Maximus VII Formula: 2304
Maximus VII Hero: 2304
Maximus VII Ranger: 2304
Maximus VII Gene: 2304
Maximus VII Impact: 2304
Z97-Pro Gamer: 2002
Z97I-PLUS: 2502
Z97M-PLUS: 2604
Z97-K: 2502
Z97-C: 2401
Z97-E: 0602
Z97-P: 2702
Z97-K R2.0: 0702


H97-Pro Gamer: 2402
H97I-Plus: 2502
H97M-Plus: 2402
H97-Plus: 2402
H97-Pro: 2703
H97M-E: 2302

[1] Users should check their ASUS 9 Series motherboard model for feature availability. Check the list below or visit for more information.
[2] BIOS-update process may require motherboard to be fitted with a current-generation processor.

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