ASUS Announces ROG Horus GK2000 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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ASUS has announced the Horus GK2000 mechanical keyboard for its Republic of Gamers line of products.

The GK2000 follows the same mechanical, transformer looking style like the rest of the ROG peripherals. But this time ASUS’s design team went all out. The GK2000 personifies its gamer class design with rugged lines, brushed aluminium plating, and an absolutely massive wrist rest with the ROG symbol imprinted in the sleek plastic.

This keyboard offers up to 80 macro functions, 10 different user profiles, and all of these can be saved to the 4MB of onboard memory. ASUS is really personifying the ability to take this keyboard to lan parties. Each keyboard comes with its own ROG custom-fit neoprene carrying case.

ASUS is selling this thing as a command center, where everything you need is at your fingertips. Dedicated multimedia keys, scrolling wheel for volume or lighting, a built-in audio port for gaming headsets, a removable palm rest, and even a detachable stand your mobile device! The stand can be placed either on the right or the left of the keyboard.

This keyboard comes with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches that are rated to last up to 50 million strokes in the lifespan of the key. They also feature a red LED backlight, which have 5 preset lighting modes to light up the keyboard. Or you can fully customize the keyboard yourself, each key can be configured to light up or you can choose which ones are illuminated. Unfortunately there is no RGB lighting for the keys on this model at the time.

Full Details and Press Release

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Horus GK2000 Mechanical gaming keyboard features Cherry MX Red switches and a built-in 32-bit processor


-Anti-ghosting and N-Key rollover technology ensure each keystroke is detected no matter how many keys are pressed
-Customizable LED-backlit keys with five preset lighting modes

-Intuitive ROG user interface allows users to customize macro and function keys

Taipei, Taiwan (5th February, 2016) — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the Horus GK2000 mechanical gaming keyboard. It has a built-in 32-bit micro-programmed control unit (MCU) and 4MB of onboard memory, plus an intuitive ROG user interface that allows users to customize macro and function keys for complex multi-key commands with just a single keystroke. ROG Horus GK2000 has a premium, high-quality feel and has CNC-processed aluminum accents with a special topcoat finish. It also features a removable palm rest, 2-way adjustable feet, and a detachable stand for mobile devices

Built-in 32-bit control unit

ROG Horus GK2000 has an embedded 32-bit MCU and 4MB of onboard memory that processes and stores macro functions as well as lighting and profile settings. Users can program up to 80 macro commands for mouse, PC, and media-control functions. They can also program the keyboard to initiate complex multi-key commands with one keystroke. A total of 10 user profiles can be stored in the onboard memory, and users can simply drag and drop profile settings saved on their PCs to transfer them to the keyboard.

Horus GK2000 utilizes Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, and features 4mm of key travel for tactile, responsive keystrokes. It is durable too, and has an expected lifespan of 50-million keystroke lifespan. Each individual key is backlit by red LEDs, and features ergonomically-shaped keycaps that are ideal for gaming or typing.

Horus GK2000 features 100% anti-ghosting with N-Key rollover (NKRO) technology to ensure each keystroke is detected no matter how many other keys are pressed. The N-Key rollover function can easily be switched on or off via its own hotkey.

Distinctive ROG engineering

ROG Horus GK2000 has a premium, high quality feel and features CNC-processed aluminum accents with a special topcoat finish. It has intricately-engineered ‘wings’ and an anodized keyboard plate with a brushed finish to give it an aggressive appearance.

Horus GK2000 has LED-backlit keys with five preset default lighting modes and a sixth for user-customized settings. Users have the option to light up the entire keyboard, or limit the lighting to specific keys.

Horus GK2000 has dedicated multimedia controls that put everything at the user’s fingertips — they can simply turn a dial to adjust volume, or change LED illumination effects without having to lift their hands off the keyboard.

Horus GK2000 was designed with user ergonomics in mind, and has a removable 47 x 83mm palm rest to support gamers’ wrists during marathon gaming sessions. The angle of the keyboard can be adjusted too, thanks to two-way adjustable fold-out feet. Horus GK2000 even comes with a detachable stand for mobile devices, allowing users to place them on the top left or right wing of the keyboard for easy viewing.

There are two USB ports situated at the rear of the keyboard for easy connections to external flash drives and other peripherals; there is also a built-in audio port for headsets

Take it to LAN parties

ROG Horus GK2000 has its own specially designed neoprene carry case. This unique case has a prominent ROG logo and features a soft inner lining to protect Horus GK2000 from scratches. It even has internal compartments for users to store peripherals and other accessories.


Please contact your local ASUS representative for further information.


Unfortunately no pricing or availability was given at this time by ASUS.

SOURCE: Offical ROG press release for the Horus GK2000

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