ASUS Announces Widest Range of Laptops Protected by ASUS Antibacterial Guard

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Press Release

ASUS today announced that ASUS Antibacterial Guard antibacterial protection is now protecting the widest ever range of ASUS laptops including Vivobook, Vivobook Go, Vivobook S, S Flip, Pro, and Pro X models. This feature will be extended to cover selected Zenbook models, with the result that more than 8 out of 10 ASUS laptops sold will be protected by Antibacterial Guard.

ASUS Antibacterial Guard works efficiently to inhibit the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria. This state-of-the-art hygiene technology has been clinically tested using protocols defined in the ISO 22196 international standard and has been shown to have a bacterial-inhibiting effect exceeding 99% over a 24-hour period. This silver-ion surface treatment keeps the bugs at bay, ensuring the laptop is clean and sanitary for more than 3 years in normal usage and reducing the spread of potentially harmful bacteria via contact.

ISO 22196-tested

To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, independent labs tested ASUS Antibacterial Guard according to the strict ISO 22196 standard test protocol. This is a method designed to quantitatively test the ability of plastics and non-porous surfaces to inhibit the growth of bacteria over a 24-hour period of contact. The test uses bacterial cultures that include Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Staphylococcus aureus, which are widely used as industry test targets. The results showed that this special treatment successfully reduced the number of bacteria by more than 99% over the duration of the test.

ASUS Antibacterial Guard is a surface coating on the laptop, mainly containing positively-charged silver ions. Upon contact, the silver ions and negatively-charged microbial cells are attracted to each other, causing the ions to pierce through the surfaces of bacterial cells and damage their structure, impairing their ability to develop and spawn.

Targeted Protection

ASUS Antibacterial Guard is applied to the most frequently touched surfaces of the laptop — such as the keyboard, the touchpad (or ASUS NumberPad), the palm-rest area, and the combined power button and fingerprint sensor. Users can identify an ASUS Antibacterial Guard-protected laptop by checking for the Antibacterial Guard sticker attached to the palm-rest area of the laptop. By 2022, ASUS Antibacterial Guard will be available across near full range of Vivobook clamshell and convertible laptops, and protection will also be expanded to include selected Zenbook models.

Long-lasting protection

In the user survey, 20% of respondents who were doubtful of the effectiveness of antibacterial laptops expressed a fear that the antibacterial coating could wear off easily. According to our durability tests, the ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment can be expected to last for at least three years in normal usage. Household cleaning products and agents such as alcohol wipes and soap water won’t easily wear away the surface treatment, ensuring ASUS Antibacterial Guard’s long-lasting bacterial-inhibiting effect.

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Source: ASUS Newsroom

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