ASUS Introduces ROG Ryujin II Coolers with Advanced Asetek Cooling

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.04.2021 17:36:45
Press Release

Asetek announced that ASUS has introduced the second generation of ROG Ryujin all-in-one CPU coolers for high-end builds, leveraging the superior thermal and acoustic performance and reliability associated with Asetek’s most advanced liquid cooling technology to date. The ROG Ryujin II 240/360 RGB CPU coolers combine the extreme overclocking capability, silent operation, and next-gen aesthetics that audiences expect from ROG.

First introduces at the ROG CES 2021 Virtual Expo, the ROG Ryujin II all-in-one liquid coolers feature a 3.5-inch LCD display on its waterblock for real-time monitoring and personalization. The cooler also comes with award-winning Noctua iPPC 2000 PWM 120mm radiator fans. The pump-waterblock also houses a fan that delivers cooling to the critical components near the CPU socket. The ROG Ryujin II coolers are backed with a 6-year warranty.

Asetek’s latest liquid cooling technology advances include:
- Maximum performance along with industry-recognized quality and reliability.
- Out-of-Bounds temperature sensing. The cooler continuously monitors the liquid temperature and automatically boosts the pump speed to clear any temperature excursions, ensuring smooth system operation for an immersive gameplay experience.
- Safety features to ensure the liquid temperature stays within limits for normal safe operation.
- Even quieter operation versus previous technology generations.
- System improvements resulting in enhanced permeation resistance and increased durability.

“When developing the next generation of our premium Ryujin coolers, we again looked to Asetek and its most advanced technology to date which provides extreme performance, silent operation, and industry-recognized quality and reliability. With ROG Ryujin II 240/360, not only did we want to max out performance, we wanted to enhance aesthetics while upgrading the screen to an LCD panel and retaining the FanXpert controls.”
Statement from Joe Hsieh, Chief Operating Officer at ASUS

“ASUS ROG continues to reshape the world of gaming technology. Premium brands demand premium performance and unrivaled quality and reliability. We’re delighted to incorporate our latest liquid cooling technology into the next generation of ROG Ryujin coolers, an ideal complement for any high-end build.”
Statement from John Hamill, Chief Operating Officer at Asetek

No information regarding pricing and availability as of this writing. To learn more about the ROG Ryujin II coolers, please visit the product page links below.

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