ASUS Introduces ROG Ryujin III Series AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

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ASUS introduces the successor of the ROG Ryujin II Series, the new ROG Ryujin III Series featuring the latest Asetek’s latest liquid cooling technology. Equipped with the 8th generation Asetek pump that delivers up to 2°C/100W improvement over its industry-leading 7th generation of liquid cooling technology, the ROG Ryujin III Series aims to tame the highest-end high-performance gaming processors whether from Intel or AMD. Like the previous generation, the ROG Ryujin III Series also comes equipped with 120mm high-performance and silent industrial-grade Noctua Industrial iPPC-2000 PWM fans. The ROG Ryujin III also features an upgraded 3.5-inch LCD display with higher pixel density compared to the Ryujin II's giving clearer and more vivid visuals.

For an easy installation that ensures full CPU IHS coverage, the ROG Ryujin III comes with a pre-applied thermal compound on its waterblock. Available in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes, the ROG Ryujin III Series is designed from the ground up and optimized for Intel 12th and 13th Gen processors as well as AMD Ryzen 7000 and 5000 Series processors. The ROG Ryujin III Series also comes with a one-year subscription to AIDA 64 Extreme whose data can be live-fed into the Ryujin's LCD screen to provide real-time monitoring information about your system.

8th Gen Asetek Pump Technology Features
- A new performance-engineered pump featuring a 3-phase motor for higher flow and quieter operation
- Larger diameter rubber tubes, larger HEX tubes and tanks, as well as wider and smoother flow paths in the pump to reduce impedance
- A newly designed square cold plate optimized for the latest Intel and AMD processors
- Optimized HEX designs that increase overall surface area and, at the same time, reduce airflow impedance
- Under-the-hood system enhancements resulting in even quieter operation versus previous generations

The Ryujin III 240 and Ryujin III 360 all-in-one liquid CPU coolers are backed with a 6-year warranty.

ASUS did not reveal pricing as of this writing. For more information, please visit the product links below.
ASUS ROG Ryujin III 360
ASUS ROG Ryujin III 240

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