ASUS Outs Crypto-Mining Graphics: Mining RX 470 and Mining P106

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅27.06.2017 16:29:39

The rise of crypto mining created a huge demand for graphics cards and mining related hardware. Today, ASUS joins the craze by introducing the Mining RX 470 and Mining P106 graphics cards that are specially built for crypto mining. The new ASUS Mining Series graphics cards feature higher efficiencies offering better hash-rate production of up to 36% better along with improved durability that can withstand mining.

Due to the demanding nature of crypto mining wherein graphics cards need to run 24/7 at maximum workloads, durability much be enhanced to withstand such usage. With that, ASUS uses reduced-friction cooling fans on the Mining RX 470 and Mining P106 graphics cards boosting lifespan of up to 2X versus conventional graphics cards. The Mining Series cards also feature IP5X dust-resistance, Auto-Extreme Tech and Super Alloy Power II components that enhances durability even further.

ASUS Mining Series Key Features
- Dual-Ball Bearing Fans run smoother by reducing friction, further improving 2X longer card lifespan and cooling efficiency.
- IP5X-Certified Fans for dust resistant and longer fan lifespan.
- Industry Only Auto-Extreme Technology with Super Alloy Power II delivers premium quality and best reliability.
- GPU TWEAK II allows you to modify GPU clock, memory clock and voltage to gain the best hash rate.

ASUS Mining RX 470 Specifications

Graphics Engine: AMD Radeon RX 470
OpenGL: 4.5
Video Memory: GDDR5 4GB
Engine Clock:
- GPU Boost Clock: 1206 MHz
- GPU Base Clock: 926 MHz
Stream Processors: 2048
Memory Clock: 7000 MHz (1750 MHz GDDR5)
Memory Interface: 256-bit

ASUS Mining P106 Specifications

Graphics Engine: NVIDIA P106-100
Video Memory: GDDR5 6GB
Engine Clock:
- GPU Boost Clock: 1708 MHz
- GPU Base Clock: 1506 MHz
CUDA Core: 1280
Memory Clock: 8008 MHz
Memory Interface: 192-bit

The ASUS Mining RX 470 graphics card will be available worldwide this July 2017. As for the ASUS Mining P106 graphics card, it will be available in the Eastern Europe and China region only this July 2017.

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