ASUS Response to Challenges Imposed by the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Image: ASUS R&D HQ Taipei, Taiwan

The coronavirus pandemic has been causing disruptions globally. Several PC manufacturers already gave light as to its impact to their business. Samsung closing its retail stores in the United States while be quiet! postpones the release of its new products. On the other hand, brands like MSI and PowerColor both gave warranty extensions to its products despite the disruptions with logistics, technical support, RMA and other support services.

Today, ASUS gave its response as a company to the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak with the objective of protecting the health and wellbeing of colleagues, partners, and consumers. Amidst the outbreak, ASUS aims to maintain normal business operations. ASUS has taken actions to safeguard its employees, create virtual experiences as needed, respond to supply chain, and assist institutions with digital solutions. Read the following statements below from ASUS.

Safeguarding Employees
We have implemented a global response to safeguard our employees. We have strongly advised against business travel, and colleagues who have travelled to high-risk countries or come into contact with suspected or confirmed cases are asked to work from home as a precaution. All colleagues in deeply affected areas who are able to work from home have been asked to do so. In less-affected areas, starting from when team members arrive at our offices, we take safety measures to protect everyone. These include temperature screening upon entering facilities, increased facility cleaning and sanitizing, as well as encouraging the use of tools to hold meetings virtually in order to minimize social contact.

Furthermore, ASUS created an internal communication system that enables our offices worldwide to provide real-time updates of their situation in order to receive assistance from our headquarters if needed. Compensation remains unaffected by work-from-home status, and leave policies have been expanded to accommodate the wellbeing of the entire ASUS community.

Responding to Supply Chain
ASUS is actively collaborating with supply chain partners to ensure that product deliveries are on target starting from the second quarter of 2020. We are also developing robust new product cycles this year that will solve the growing need for devices that enable remote productivity, education, and entertainment.

Creating Virtual Experiences
With social distancing on the rise, ASUS is harnessing virtual technology to enable consumers and participants to vividly experience our events and products while protecting their health.

Assisting Institutions with Digital Solutions
We have donated multiple ASUS products to medical facilities in order to aid medical workers, provided digital infrastructure to assist medical-facility operations and are developing plans to donate devices to schools in highly affected areas. One example is a recent donation of ASUS smartphones and smartwatches to assist medical workers in Taiwan with the fight against COVID-19. Physiological data of suspected cases can be monitored in real-time with the health-data-tracking function of our smartwatches, leading to minimum direct contact between medical workers and patients' greatly reducing infection risk. Medical workers are able to analyse the changes in patients' physiological conditions, and therefore are able to make timely decisions to effectively manage patient health. We believe that it is our responsibility to take part in the fight against COVID-19 by leveraging our technology.

ASUS strives to empower everyone with technology and will persist in solving the growing consumer needs for technology that enables remote productivity, education, and entertainment.

ASUS ensures its colleagues, partners, and consumers that the company will continue to optimize in handling the current situation and hopes for the safety and health of the community.

Source: ASUS (Press Release)

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