ASUS Showcases The Gorgeous Sabranco Tundra White Motherboard

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅05.06.2014 17:33:03

It wouldn't be Computex without some funky conceptual designs to wow the viewing public, and ASUS have served up a treat this year with the Sabranco Tundra White motherboard (as photographed by ASUS and VR-Zone). Based on the Z97 TUF Sabertooth designs complete with the heatspreading 'armour', the all-white shell and white PCB strike a compelling figure that sets it apart from a motherboard market seemingly focussed on matte black. ASUS also matched the Sabranco to a white Cooler Master Cosmos chassis, to great effect.

Sadly the Sabranco is by no means guaranteed to go into production, and even if it did white-PCB electronics tend not to make it out of their native Asian market. That said, perhaps there is at least scope to release the white TUF armour separately - we'd love to see how well it would go with a black PCB design.

If you want to see this motherboard sold at retail you can always connect with ASUS on twitter @ASUS and @ASUS, or on Facebook where you can also find a gallery of their whole Computex product lineup.

Source: Twitter, VR-Zone

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