ASUS USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card Introduced

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅19.01.2024 23:31:08

ASUS introduces the ASUS USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card that provides USB4 connectivity upgrade for desktop PCs. The ASUS USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card is compatible with motherboards that come with an onboard Thunderbolt or USB4 header which would include select Intel 700 Series and AM5 Series motherboards

Key Features
Certified USB4 controller inside USB4 add-on card
Dual Type-C Ports Support Up to 20V/3A 60W Quick Charge Feature
40 Gbps bi-directional bandwidth for superfast data transfers and video output
Dual USB4 ports (USB-C), with support for up to five USB4 devices in a daisy chain
DisplayPort 1.4 for 8K Ultra HD support

DisplayPort Passthrough
The ASUS USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card makes it easy to connect a display through its USB4 ports. On the rear bracket of the card, you’ll find two ports marked “DP IN,” one for each of the USB4 ports. Connect them to the DisplayPort outputs of your graphics card, and you’ll be able to use your new USB4 ports to connect a display.

Upgrades Your PC With Cutting-edge Connectivity
The ASUS USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card gives you a wealth of high-performance connectivity options for your PC. With up to 40Gbps of bi-directional bandwidth, you can get blazing-fast file transfers to and from external drives. It’s DisplayPort 1.4 compliant, so you can connect monitors with up to an 8K resolution. With daisy chaining, you can connect up to five USB4 devices per port, and support for 60W Quick Charge 4+ allows you to rapidly recharge your other devices.

ASUS did not reveal pricing and release date as of this writing. See compatibility with ASUS motherboards here.

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