ASUSTOR Releases AS-T10G 10G Base-T Network Card

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅24.10.2018 00:37:15

ASUSTOR releases its much-awaited AS-T10G 10-Gigabit Base-T ethernet expansion card offering a 10GbE upgrade to avail the fastest speeds available for consumers today. The ASUSTOR AS-T10G network card uses an RJ-45 port supporting up to 10GbE speeds with backward compatibility with 5GbE, 2.5GbE, 1GbE, and 100MbE speeds. It supports the award-winning ASUSTOR ADM, Windows, Linux, Mac OS and VMware ESXi allowing flexible installations. The ASUSTOR AS-T10G is also ideal for desktop PC users looking to upgrade to 10GbE networking speeds.

The ASUSTOR AS-T10G comes with a pre-installed full-height bracket and it also comes bundled with a half-height bracket to support thin computers. An ASUSTOR NAS bracket for the AS7008T an AS7010T can be purchased separately for easy upgrade to 10GbE speeds. The AS-T10G is a cost-effective 10GbE upgrade to many ASUSTOR devices such as the AS4002T, AS4004T, AS7008T, AS7010T, AS7009RDX and the AS7012RDX. With the use of the standard RJ-45 port, the AS-T10G upgrades your devices with 10GbE speeds with standard Ethernet cables instead of expensive fibre cables.

The ASUSTOR AS-T10G comes with advanced network features and security such as 802.1Q Virtual LAN (VLAN) tagging capabilities to make network management secured and more resilient. The AS-T10G 10GbE network card uses 16K Jumbo Packets and IEEE 802.3x flow control for enhanced transmission performance.

Learn more about the ASUSTOR AS-T10G network card here.

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